Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dear Husband: DVR

Dear Husband:

I've been thinking (don't worry I didn't hurt myself). I think it's about time we poney up for a DVR. You know, one of those fancy little boxes we can get from our cable company. It lets us record all of our shows so that we can watch them later, WITHOUT commercials. I mean, does "commercial free" really not persuade you as to the awesomeness of this magical little box? In case it doesn't, I've come up with a few more reasons that should help convince you.

First and foremost it's the year 2013. 

Ain't nobody got time to sit around and wait for their shows to come on. Our shows need to be ready and waiting for us! We have way too many statuses to update, photos of food to take, and passwords to remember, to waste our time waiting on our tv shows to come on. 

Secondly, it's efficient. 

We will be able to watch almost twice as many shows in half the time. As your good friend Charlie would say, "winning!"

Thirdly, you're moving home.

Well, this point could cover multiple different areas so I will try to sum it up as quickly and efficiently as possibly.
  • Now that you have cancelled your cable subscription in TX, we have what I like to call a "Television Surplus." Basically, this means that our cable bill was cut in half and we can now (easily, I might add) afford to pay the extra $7 a month to have DVR. 
  • You have your shows, I have mine. Why can't we both enjoy what we love?
  • Maybe you would like it if I cooked dinner every now and then? It's going to be hard to cook dinner when I can't pause my shows or watch them later. I hope you like popcorn!

Lastly, let's just say, you always like to make me happy. 

Which I love! However, I also like to make you happy and I'm pretty sure watching episode after episode of the Kardashians, Pretty Wicked Moms, Dance Moms, Sister Wives and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is not a good way to make you Happy Happy Happy! So, let's just do us a both a favor and splurge on that little black box, mkay?! :) 

We both have vices and tv just happens to be mine. 

Love your wife, 
(who will always have time thanks to a DVR)

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Carnival Came to Town!

It's Tuesday, it's raining and I just want to go back to bed. I'm pretty sure it will be the weekend though before I can catch back up on my sleep from this past weekend. It was a good one though so I guess I shouldn't complain. 

Let's recap so I can re-live it for a few minutes, shall we?

Friday I left work early to go work the church food stand at the carnival (CPA). I got lucky to get the 4-6 shift so it wasn't crowded at all. We mostly just had to cut pies and get set up for the crowds that would come after we left. After my shift I found my cousin Maria who was visiting for the weekend from St. Louis. Maria and I are bff's and I'm her daughter, Zoey's, Godmother. We got to hang out together and watch the children's parade before walking around and soaking up the carnival goodness. The people-watching at this thing is to die for and I always have to remind first time visitors not to judge my whole town based on what they might see at the CPA. 
I love her pigtails!

Are they not the cutest Grandparents you have ever seen?

Zoey loved the band.

I left the CPA early so I could head home to see my husband and change clothes before heading out to his 10-yr reunion gathering. It was 10 before we arrived but there was still a large group hanging out. Since Seth and I went to high school together, I knew everyone also, so it was good being able to see people and catch up. 

It was almost one by the time we left the bar and headed down to Mass Street, in Lawrence, where we stopped in for some Fuzzy's Tacos. Umm...why has no one ever made me go to this place before? It's so good! Seth and I split a plate of nachos that, I kid you not, was as big as my head. And, it was only $6! I love finding places like this except for the fact that it's 9am and now I'm thinking about Mexican food. Sorry the food didn't last long enough to take a photo. Actually, I didn't take any photos this night. Fail:(

We probably made it to bed by 3 so I call that a win. Plus we didn't wake up until almost noon the next day. So a win-win maybe?

I should probably add that the self tanner worked out fine and the wanna-be-husband stealer decided to steer clear. Pretty sure she wasn't very excited to see me though:)  

Saturday we got ready and headed over to Church before I dropped Seth off at the start of the parade route. He joined his classmates along with a cooler full of beer to ride a trailer down main street for the parade. We met up after the parade and chowed down on some food booth hot dogs and nachos. So good. (Is it lunch time yet?)

My mom is in the top middle. It was her 40th reunion.

Seth in the blue looking like he just drank 6 beers in less than an hour. 

Then we meandered around the carnival soaking in all of the sights and sounds that only the CPA has to offer. Before it got too late we obviously had to hit up the cotton candy booth so I could get my fix. I told the cotton candy man to feel free to make me the largest cotton candy that has ever been made. He was happy to oblige. So, I gorged myself on beautifully pink spun sugar and managed to eat it all except the part that melted all over my hand and dress. NBD.

Gimme gimme gimme!

This is what your tongue looks like on cotton candy.
Managed one decent photo of us for the whole weekend.

Wolf Hamlin who made a short appearance on American Idol a couple years ago was playing some music at the grandstand. Everyone seemed to congregate there so we hung out and chatted away for awhile before heading home to our pillows. So sad I have to wait another full year for the CPA to come back to town. 

Sunday we got a little bit of sleep before Seth got up to mow the yard and I decided I should probably clean a little since my house was a disaster. We had our very first bacon tomato sandwiches of the summer and I have been craving them ever since. Sadly Seth had to leave to drive back to Texas:( I managed a mini-nap before going to hang out with Maria's family so we could have a birthday dinner for Zoey's 1st birthday.

She loved her cupcake!
Then I went back home to this sweet guy who has been keeping dad's chair warm while he's gone.

Until later my people.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes {10} - Self Tanning Disasters

I'm sure some of you have probably been thinking that I made so much garage sale money this past weekend that I could finally afford my own island. And you know what, I did! Well, sorta. I made enough extra cash to buy myself and a couple friends shovels so I can build my own island in my pond. 

Looks like I have to stick with the 8-5 a little longer to be able to buy a real island. Maybe someday. 

Since it's already Friday again (worst blogger ever) I feel like I should recap the random musings and going ons of my oh so interesting life. And I might as well do it (that's what she said) in list format so I can link up with Jen. 

1. The garage sale was kinda a bust. Sorta. I did get rid of a lot of junk which is the point I know, but the first couple hours of the morning it was raining so I feel like we didn't get near the amount of people we otherwise would have. My aunt and cousin are doing the sale again this weekend so hopefully they do a little better. 

2. Monday after work I spent several hours in my garden clearing out the jungle that it was quickly becoming. Again.  It was hot and sweaty and I pretty much ended up covered in mud. Maybe I should have taken a tip from Gunnar and just relaxed. 

No idea why I even bother with gloves.

Yep, that's dirt smeared clear up my arms. And lion hair. Enjoy:)
3. Apparently, the garden weeding wasn't such a great idea because Tuesday I woke up feeling like death. Allergies are nothing to joke with kids. I have had them pretty regularly for over a year now and my otc meds don't seem to be doing the trick. In fact they were so bad I called my mom's fancy doctor to try and make an appointment to get in with him, since apparently it sometimes takes months. Amazingly the nurse asked if I could be there in 30 minutes. Umm...yes! After about 5 million questions, an x-ray of my sinuses and some blood work (which I didn't feel at all thanks to some amazing blood drawing fella) my doctor has discovered that my sinuses are in fact very closed off. Thanks doc for clearing that up. JK. He actually prescribed me a couple meds to try for the next several months to see if that does the trick or if I have to go back for sinus surgery:( It's day 3 on the meds and it already feels like a miracle has occurred in my nose. Hallelujah!

4. Since it's my towns carnival (#socialeventoftheseason) and my husbands 10 year reunion I decided I should probably step things up a bit. You know. Do my hair, maybe put on some makeup, paint my nails. Oh, and how about a little self tanner?! My aunt owns a salon so I got one of these nifty little tan towels from her. (It's basically just a wet wipe that you rub all over and then you wake up with a sweet tan. Cool right?! ) So, I showered and exfoliated while thinking man this tan is gonna look legit. Used the tan towel and went to bed. I woke up and looked in the mirror. No weird streaks across my face. Winning! Oh wait, what's the giant line running down my leg and on the backside of my arm. Son of a biscuit. I totally freaking missed a couple sections and now I have a line where the tan part of my body meets the pale part of my body. Is this a joke? I just spent my lunch break applying another tan towel and praying that I don't look like Snooki by this evening. Thoughts and prayers greatly appreciated. 
This picture doesn't really do my arm justice
and this is nothing compared to my leg:(

5. Since the ol' carnival (aka: CPA Picnic) is in town, I made my cousin Sophia get dressed up so I could take a few Senior photos of her last night. Here's a couple sneak peaks that you have probably already seen if you follow me on Instagram. If you don't follow me, you should. Shameless plug:)

She makes everything look adorable. 

Nanny's Candy Castle would be a pretty good place to live if you ask me. 

6. In case you can't tell by the photos above and by some of my past ramblings, I love cotton candy. Like, a lot. I was at my mom's the other day when she told me that there were two packages of Cotton Candy Cookie Mixes on the table for me! One of her best friends, Karen (shout-out) has been reading my blog and knew about my cotton candy addiction. When she saw those cookie mixes she thought of me and bought them. How sweet is that?!! I haven't had the chance to make them yet but I'm really hoping I get to make some this weekend. Thank you so much Karen!!

7. So excited the Royal Baby has arrived!! Besides His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge (good luck learning to write that one kid), own of my best friends (Jessica) had her baby this past weekend. It's her first baby and I'm so excited for her but sad that she lives in AZ so I can't meet the little guy yet. Maybe I should say big guy since he was 9lbs 12oz!! Let me just say his mom is very tiny so I can't even imagine how she ended up with such a little butterball but he is seriously adorable. Giant dimples on both of his cheeks!
Obviously I'm the king size one in the middle
and Jess is the fun size that is the tiniest in the picture. 

Happy Friday my people!

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Friday, July 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes {9}

Alright people, let's do this!

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary.

1. I'm finally doing a garage sale this weekend! I'm joining up with one of my aunts and cousins at their house so it should be lots of fun. If you don't hear from me next week it's because I made millions selling my junk and I have moved to an island in the Caribbean. I think I've made 7 bucks so far so there's a good chance I'll be living by the ocean come Monday.

2. While I'm slaving away at the sweaty garage sale my husband is gone for the weekend at Lake of the Ozarks for a bachelor party. I must say I'm a little jealous he gets to hang out on the water. Good thing our cruise is booked so I have something to look forward too.

3. Since Seth was actually home last night I made dinner (where's my award?). Aka: nachos. I must say that they were freakin' amazing and I love being able to use some of the produce from our own garden. I like to think that makes my nachos "healthy."
See, healthy!

4. I have approximately 12 different future blog posts that I have started and saved in my "save as draft" email folder at work. Whenever I have downtime with nothing to do but wait on other people, I write stuff down so I don't forget. My memory isn't the best. I'm pretty sure my life now revolves around the thought, "oh, I can so blog about this!"

5. I'm pretty sure nine out of ten people I know are either getting married or having a baby sometime in the next year. It's like an epidemic. I'm just over here like, "Hey I'm married, I never see my husband, so it's hard to make babies, but have you met my dog, or seen this really cool craft project I made?" 

6. My refrigerator is so embarrassing right now. I have always sworn I would never be one of those people with a messy refrigerator but that is exactly what is going on in my house right now. I partially blame my obsession with condiments...who has so many condiments that they can't all fit in the door? This girl apparently. You name a condiment and I would just about guarantee it's in my fridge. On a brighter note my tupperware cabinet is beautifully organized and has been that way since I moved in. I don't think many people can say that, can they?! I hate unorganized tupperware and not being able to find a lid.  Ain't nobody got time for that!

7. Honey Boo Boo returned this past Wednesday night much to my excitement! Let's just say as gross and disgusting as it was last season it was worse this season. Like, I almost didn't want to watch it for fear of puking, gross-ness. Picking up a roadkill pig and then cooking the hoofs to eat with beans...who does that? And Mama June and Sugar Bear getting all "romantic?" Please hand me a puke bag. 

Have you ever seen anything more terrifying? via

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I'm on a Boat...

...everybody look at me cause I'm sailing on a boat!

In 39 days I will be packing up my flippie-floppies to board this...

...with him...

...for a second honeymoon/birthday/Seth's finally moving home celebration. 

We will be doing this....

...while relaxing...

...and here.

I know we will try to win a little money here...

Eat tons of food like this...

...and desserts like this...

...while enjoying buffets like this... 

Most likely see some shows like this...

...or maybe fly high like this...

...and probably even do a little people judging watching. 

And all of that is only the tip of the iceberg of fun! (iceberg: Titanic, get it?)

In only 39 days I'll be sailin' on a boat!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Insecurities making me CRAZY!

My parents divorced when I was six. Joe was four and Mike was only two. 

To make a long story short, my Dad went to his high school reunion while my Mom opted to stay with us three kids and my Grandparents. My Dad's parents. Apparently, my Dad decided that one of his former classmates was a better fit for him in his life. After talking on the phone and seeing each other without us knowing, he decided to leave my mom for this other woman and become my step-mom. Much like Cinderella's version of a step-mom to be exact. 

Twenty years later and I still can't wrap my head around it or figure out why he did the things he did. While my Dad and I have had our (more than) fair share of ups and downs, I think we are finally in a pretty good place. I don't know why this all happened and probably never will. I do know that I am very thankful that my Step-Dad was able to come into my life though. I definitely plan to write more about him later, but I want to get back to the main point of this post....

My insecurities. 

In less than two weeks my husband will be having his 10 year high school reunion. Besides the obvious feelings of "oh man we are getting old" I can't help but dread that weekend because of past experiences. It doesn't help when I know a lot of the women in his class and their behavior, one in particular. 

I definitely have my list of very legitimate reasons to not be very fond of this girl and it doesn't help that she is the spitting image of my step-mom and has the exact same personality. I know looking and acting like my step-mom doesn't mean I should automatically hate her but....When she asks her friends to tell my husband she is unhappy in her marriage and then have them ask if Seth is happy in his....EXCUSE ME???!!!! That's when my crazy comes out. 

Side note: Seth and I dated all through high-school so I have had a long track record with this girl. 

Under normal circumstances I'm not a crazy, possessive, don't trust my husband kind of wife. Actually, I trust my husband more than anyone in the world. I just can't help but feel insecure when going into this type of situation. Seth obviously knows of my discomfort when we are around this girl and continually reassures me that he loves me and that we will grow old and wrinkly together. And for that I love him even more. 

Since the reunion happens to coincide with my hometown's carnival and I refuse to miss it because of someone stupid, I will just have to take Erin from Two Thirds Hazel's advice and continue to "Hide the Crazy". Like she said, "GIRLS DON'T GO CRAZY FOR NO APPARENT REASON." There's usually someone on the other end making them go crazy and in my case it happens to be a wanna-be-husband stealing girl.  

I'll keep ya posted. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Adventures and some GORGEOUS photos!

Only way to beat those monday blues is by re-living the weekend. 

Linking up with Sami's Shenanigans.

1. Made some yummy blueberry pancakes Saturday morning mid-day for breakfast.

2. My parent's house is coming along slowly but surely. Hopefully they will move in soon so I can get all their junk out of my basement:)

3. Hung out with the little sis-in-law this weekend. She's 8 and pretty much my mini-me.

4. Cleaning out the closet, possibly my favorite new outfit.

5. SIL showing some attitude in her new birthday outfit she picked out. 

6. Picked some fresh veggies from the garden. I'm SO happy it's tomato season again. And for all those non-tomato lovers out there...what is wrong with you?! 

7. Closet in need of some major tlc and a large clothing purge.

8. Veggies became dinner last night. Cucumber onion and tomato salad. So fresh. So good. 

9. Did a little spray painting for a quick project I will hopefully be posting soon. 

10. Me and SIL relaxing at the outdoor theatre waiting for The Sound of Music to start. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...

11. Gunnar helping me price garage sale bargains for Saturdays sale. 


12. Took some Senior photos of my gorgeous cousin Sophia. 

If I were to win the lottery...

This is linked up to Becky's "52 weeks of blogging with a purpose" at From Mrs. to Mama

I have honestly thought about this question a million times in my life and I often ask it to my husband. He so kindly reminds me that I will never win the lottery because I never (maybe 5 times in my whole life) buy a ticket. 

Well, today I'm just going to pretend that I did buy a ticket and that I won!!

First things first. I would probably make a list of all the things I want to do/buy. Since I'm doing that now I will get to skip on to the really fun part once I win. 

I would pay off all debt owed including Seth's school loans, my car, new eyes and our house. Then I would buy my husband a new fancy truck and let him get all the expensive add ons like a sunroof:)

Obviously, I would invest at least half of the money so that our future children and their future children have money for education, and life's necessities with a few extras. I would set this up as some sort of trust with maybe a yearly allowance so that they don't turn out to be spoiled brats. Plus, I want them to know how to work and understand the value of a dollar. 

I would quit my job and make Seth quit his so we could travel. We would travel to Europe and Australia, the Caribbean Islands and as many other places as we want. 

I would retire my parents and Seth's parents and give them money to build/buy new houses to retire in. 

Our Church is raising money to build a new church large enough to hold everyone, so I would donate the money needed to build it. Then volunteer or help with whatever they need to get it done. 

I would pay off any debt my grandparents have and give them money to travel as well. They used to travel a lot more but haven't been able to nearly as much lately.

I would go on a shopping spree to stock the shelves at the food pantries in my home town as well as Seth's. 

I would also have Seth help me design and then build, with the help of people we hired, a large dream house that can hold lots of children. 

We would then obviously have lots of children and spend our days with them. 

Lastly, I would probably hire a chef, at least part of the time. I like to cook but I want someone that will make me healthy delicious meals. I can make some pretty good meals but they aren't always the healthiest. And, if I don't have my health, millions of dollars don't really help a whole lot do they?

Does anyone else think about this a lot? Is there something different that you would do that's not on my list?

Friday, July 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes {8}

1. I am not a happy camper today. Seth was supposed to be moving home in less than a week and he now has to go to another job for a month! One year and nine months of marriage and we have yet to live together. This is getting old. As am I. 

2. On a brighter note I am currently in the process of planning a vacation, or second honeymoon as I like to think of it. I definitely want something warm and beachy and am thinking another cruise, because I love them, but I'm not sure that Seth is sold on the idea. I would love to hear suggestions of places you have been and loved. Nothing too crazy expensive and we are going for probably a week so keep that in mind when thinking of how long it takes to get there. (P.S. Anyone been to Maldives? I keep seeing pictures of this place and it looks like heaven on Earth.)

This is how excited about vacation I am!
3. Taking the little sis-in-law, she's 8, to see an outdoor performance of Peter Pan tomorrow night. Should be lots of fun and hopefully it's not too crazy hot. Growing up with two younger brothers it's nice to finally have a little sis to spoil. 

4. I'm trying to majorly cut back on my pop intake. So far this week I have only drank it one day but the real test will be the weekend. I don't know why I think this is so hard but it really is. I love it like a fat kid loves cake. 

5. My parents are in the middle of building their new house which is exciting and lots of fun (maybe a tad stressful) but it keeps making me want to change things at our house. Nothing major just change a lot of paint colors and remove some not so gorgeous wallpaper. Too bad I'm too indecisive to pick out colors so I always pick out the same color. For every room. 

Obsessed with this color.
6. Doing a Senior pictures photoshoot tonight with my cousin Sophia. I must say I'm pretty excited about it since this girl is gorgeous and such a sweetie! I will try to remember to post some of the photos back here later on. 

7. I can't believe it's already the middle of July. Summer is flying by faster than I realized and I can't help but think there are still way too many fun summery things I want to do before it ends. With Seth out of town all the time it's so hard to really get in the summery spirit. Most days I just want to go home and lay on my couch like a bum. It's no fun to grill out and sit on the back deck by yourself. At least I'm assuming it's not. I haven't tried it yet but it sounds pretty depressing. Hoping this weekend will turn this Debbie Downer into an Uplifting Ursula.  

Moving on...I think I'll take Uncle Si's advice.

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary

Worlds of Fun!

I'm FINALLY catching up with my posts relating to last weekend, right in time for another weekend. 

After the whole she-bang on Wednesday and Thursday we slept in a little bit Friday morning. Woke up, I did some laundry and cleaned our messy house while Seth worked on stuff outside. By mid-afternoon we were all packed up and on our way to Kansas City

First stop was our hotel. We stayed at Harrah's so we could do a little gambling. Aka lose money. We got checked in and then checked out the casino a bit before heading to the Royals game were we sat in no traffic, which was awesome. 
(centered perfectly!)

I'm cheap so we used my Pepsi can to get a buy one get one free ticket in the nosebleed section. Honestly, they really weren't bad seats. Conveniently enough it was also buck night so we chowed down on hotdogs, peanuts and Pepsi. What's more American than the food? Baseball. Even when the Royals are losing I can't help but love watching Baseball. I'm not sure why I love it so much except maybe because Seth used to play and that's how met? No idea, but I do love it. 

I've never seen so many people at a Royals game. Loved it!
Yes please!

And this is why America's kids are fat.
They go to a real life Royals game and prefer to sit in an
air conditioned room playing video games. Ridiculous!

It was pretty hot and sweaty but I was easily entertained by the lady sitting in front of me. AND the first date couple I was eavesdropping on right next to me. The girl told the guy she had been in 20 car wrecks and one involved a donkey she hit. He staid noticeably sober the whole game, presumably because he didn't want her driving him home. 20? really?? 

The game ended with a firework display which was great since the day before was the 4th and I obviously didn't see enough fireworks then:)

Me: "Let's take a picture with the field in the background."
Seth: "Eh, good enough."
Me: "Really??" 
The Royals lost so we headed back to the casino to drown our sorrows in slot machines and black jack. No bueno. We will just say that we had something in common with the Royals and it wasn't winning. On to the next best thing. Loaded nachos at 2:00am. Hallelujah, they were amazing.
Let's say my inner fat kid came out:)
Pretty sure I passed out about 3 seconds after my head hit the pillow that night and I didn't wake up until Seth drug me from bed so we could have more fun at Worlds of Fun!! Oh, and I'm five. I freakin love Worlds of Fun and all of its roller coaster glory. Luckily we got there fairly early and we managed to ride all the roller coasters we wanted before it got too crazy crowded. 

Around 1:00 we headed to the Oceans of Fun waterpark side and waited too long in lines for slides that I must say were not life changing. So we headed back to the roller coasters. Thank goodness Seth was in the mood to try out some of the roller coasters because normally he is not a fan. After a quick ride on the Patriot, where your feet dangle, he was pumped and wanted to get right back in line. Who am I to argue? 

One terrible photo with the Patriot in the background.
Fly high Patriot, fly high.
We ended out the weekend by stopping by Buffalo Wild Wings and then heading home to pass out and sleep until 11:30 the next day. My kinda weekend:)


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