Friday, July 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes {9}

Alright people, let's do this!

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1. I'm finally doing a garage sale this weekend! I'm joining up with one of my aunts and cousins at their house so it should be lots of fun. If you don't hear from me next week it's because I made millions selling my junk and I have moved to an island in the Caribbean. I think I've made 7 bucks so far so there's a good chance I'll be living by the ocean come Monday.

2. While I'm slaving away at the sweaty garage sale my husband is gone for the weekend at Lake of the Ozarks for a bachelor party. I must say I'm a little jealous he gets to hang out on the water. Good thing our cruise is booked so I have something to look forward too.

3. Since Seth was actually home last night I made dinner (where's my award?). Aka: nachos. I must say that they were freakin' amazing and I love being able to use some of the produce from our own garden. I like to think that makes my nachos "healthy."
See, healthy!

4. I have approximately 12 different future blog posts that I have started and saved in my "save as draft" email folder at work. Whenever I have downtime with nothing to do but wait on other people, I write stuff down so I don't forget. My memory isn't the best. I'm pretty sure my life now revolves around the thought, "oh, I can so blog about this!"

5. I'm pretty sure nine out of ten people I know are either getting married or having a baby sometime in the next year. It's like an epidemic. I'm just over here like, "Hey I'm married, I never see my husband, so it's hard to make babies, but have you met my dog, or seen this really cool craft project I made?" 

6. My refrigerator is so embarrassing right now. I have always sworn I would never be one of those people with a messy refrigerator but that is exactly what is going on in my house right now. I partially blame my obsession with condiments...who has so many condiments that they can't all fit in the door? This girl apparently. You name a condiment and I would just about guarantee it's in my fridge. On a brighter note my tupperware cabinet is beautifully organized and has been that way since I moved in. I don't think many people can say that, can they?! I hate unorganized tupperware and not being able to find a lid.  Ain't nobody got time for that!

7. Honey Boo Boo returned this past Wednesday night much to my excitement! Let's just say as gross and disgusting as it was last season it was worse this season. Like, I almost didn't want to watch it for fear of puking, gross-ness. Picking up a roadkill pig and then cooking the hoofs to eat with beans...who does that? And Mama June and Sugar Bear getting all "romantic?" Please hand me a puke bag. 

Have you ever seen anything more terrifying? via

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  1. Is it that cheap to live on the beach? I'm all for going with if that's the case. :)


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