Thursday, July 11, 2013

4th of July Recap

Warning: Photo overload in this post!

I'm disappointed that this holiday is over so quickly. It's probably a good thing though because I'm still exhausted from all the shenanigans. Good thing it's almost the weekend again:)

It was a fantastic 4 days away from work and filled with lots of food. 

My hubs made it home Wednesday night, just in time to shower and change before heading to a 3rd of July party. We ate some food, drank some drinks, and watched people try to blow things up. What's not to love?

Excuse me, it was so cold, I wore a sweater. In July. 

My cousin Sophia and my husband have a very love-hate relationship. 

Sophia and I just have a Love-love relationship. 

No one was harmed during the exploding of these explosives. 

Thursday morning I got a little sleep while Seth mowed the yard. His favorite thing to do. Seriously, it is. I cut up some fruit to take to the family reunion at my Grandma's and we picked up a bucket of fried chicken. Oh yum, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. 

What? You don't cut your fruit into star shapes?

Lots of people showed up to Grandma's and after saying the pledge of allegiance and praying we chowed down on all the food. 

Grandpa leading the group in The Pledge. Enjoy the socks. 

Julie, would you like some carbs with your chicken? Why yes, I think I would thanks!

Perhaps a slice of Peanut Butter Pizza as well? Don't mind if I do!

It was then time to relax and enjoy our adult bevvies while watching little kids. So responsible, aren't we?
Maybe my husband and I have reclining lawn chairs. 

My cousin Dominic and his girlfriend with the most patriotic
hand-painted cooler I've ever seen!

I don't even know. Yankee doodle dandy maybe?

Just eating a brownie before her sister can steal it from her. 

Since a bunch of the cousins were decked out in our matching apparel we thought it best to take a photo. Obviously, we ordered our Grandparent's shirts as well. What Grandparent's wouldn't love a "Time to Get Star Spangled Hammered" shirt?

Cheers, America!

Here's a terribly unflattering photo of me with some of the cousins. You're welcome. 

Me and hubs. Mildly freaked out by overly skinny wrists.

We were the entertained by a hearty rendition of "cups" courtesy of my cousin Michael. 

Seth managed to hit not one but two triples in the family softball game. His team won. nbd.

Good thing he hit the ball far because he's not too fast. Sorry love.

Then we ate some more (not to be confused with a s'more) before enjoying all the night time fireworks.
Grandma and Grandpa enjoying the fireworks.
Notice Grandpa never changed out of his shirt:)

It was definitely an amazing 4th and no one lost an eye. Bonus! Can't wait until the next one:) 


  1. I really want a smore. I've been thinking of making one over a candle.....

    1. I have a gas stove and don't think for one second I haven't used it to toast marshmallows. Maybe I'll do a tutorial?


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