Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dear Husband: DVR

Dear Husband:

I've been thinking (don't worry I didn't hurt myself). I think it's about time we poney up for a DVR. You know, one of those fancy little boxes we can get from our cable company. It lets us record all of our shows so that we can watch them later, WITHOUT commercials. I mean, does "commercial free" really not persuade you as to the awesomeness of this magical little box? In case it doesn't, I've come up with a few more reasons that should help convince you.

First and foremost it's the year 2013. 

Ain't nobody got time to sit around and wait for their shows to come on. Our shows need to be ready and waiting for us! We have way too many statuses to update, photos of food to take, and passwords to remember, to waste our time waiting on our tv shows to come on. 

Secondly, it's efficient. 

We will be able to watch almost twice as many shows in half the time. As your good friend Charlie would say, "winning!"

Thirdly, you're moving home.

Well, this point could cover multiple different areas so I will try to sum it up as quickly and efficiently as possibly.
  • Now that you have cancelled your cable subscription in TX, we have what I like to call a "Television Surplus." Basically, this means that our cable bill was cut in half and we can now (easily, I might add) afford to pay the extra $7 a month to have DVR. 
  • You have your shows, I have mine. Why can't we both enjoy what we love?
  • Maybe you would like it if I cooked dinner every now and then? It's going to be hard to cook dinner when I can't pause my shows or watch them later. I hope you like popcorn!

Lastly, let's just say, you always like to make me happy. 

Which I love! However, I also like to make you happy and I'm pretty sure watching episode after episode of the Kardashians, Pretty Wicked Moms, Dance Moms, Sister Wives and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is not a good way to make you Happy Happy Happy! So, let's just do us a both a favor and splurge on that little black box, mkay?! :) 

We both have vices and tv just happens to be mine. 

Love your wife, 
(who will always have time thanks to a DVR)

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