Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Is Crossfit Ruining Marriages??

Driving to work this morning I happened to catch the last half of a discussion on my favorite radio show. Is Crossfit ruining your relationships? While I don't technically "do" crossfit, I do workout at a place that has small group classes and killer workouts that are similar to crossfit and equally as intense. Obviously I was intrigued by the conversation. 

The general gist of the convo was that people let crossfit consume their whole lives and their relationships will suffer if their significant other isn't a crossfitter as well. 

Well hello people. If you let anything consume your lives it's bound to have a negative impact on your relationship. You think if I watched nonstop tv while my husband was home our relationship wouldn't suffer? I guarantee it would and my house would be disgusting. I've watched people I work out with who put fitness above everything else, including relationships. And those relationships have suffered. There's a definite need for balance and some people are good at it while others are obviously lacking. 

I like to think of myself as one of the ones who can balance it out. Or maybe I'm kidding myself and I'm just pathetic and lazy. I only go twice a week and I'm sure some would consider that not enough but I like to think I have a pretty well rounded life that includes things outside of working out. Like eating for example. And trash tv. 

There is definitely a need for health and fitness in everyone's life but you have to remember to live your life as well. If you spend all your time holed up in a gym you're gonna miss out on some pretty cool stuff. 

Besides when you're burning 900+ calories a workout, do you really need to go every day?
True story, these are my stats from last nights workout.
Moral of the story. Put as much time into your relationships as you do your fitness and I think you will be pleasantly surprised. 

Keep in mind that my husband STILL works out of town so my workouts never take time away from him at this point. My opinion may change if we ever get to live in the same house.

Also, he never has to see me when I look like this....
Yes, that's sweat.

If you love or hate crossfit you should also check out this article titled #stopcrossfit. It will crack your shiz up and you might burn a few calories;)

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