Monday, July 15, 2013

If I were to win the lottery...

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I have honestly thought about this question a million times in my life and I often ask it to my husband. He so kindly reminds me that I will never win the lottery because I never (maybe 5 times in my whole life) buy a ticket. 

Well, today I'm just going to pretend that I did buy a ticket and that I won!!

First things first. I would probably make a list of all the things I want to do/buy. Since I'm doing that now I will get to skip on to the really fun part once I win. 

I would pay off all debt owed including Seth's school loans, my car, new eyes and our house. Then I would buy my husband a new fancy truck and let him get all the expensive add ons like a sunroof:)

Obviously, I would invest at least half of the money so that our future children and their future children have money for education, and life's necessities with a few extras. I would set this up as some sort of trust with maybe a yearly allowance so that they don't turn out to be spoiled brats. Plus, I want them to know how to work and understand the value of a dollar. 

I would quit my job and make Seth quit his so we could travel. We would travel to Europe and Australia, the Caribbean Islands and as many other places as we want. 

I would retire my parents and Seth's parents and give them money to build/buy new houses to retire in. 

Our Church is raising money to build a new church large enough to hold everyone, so I would donate the money needed to build it. Then volunteer or help with whatever they need to get it done. 

I would pay off any debt my grandparents have and give them money to travel as well. They used to travel a lot more but haven't been able to nearly as much lately.

I would go on a shopping spree to stock the shelves at the food pantries in my home town as well as Seth's. 

I would also have Seth help me design and then build, with the help of people we hired, a large dream house that can hold lots of children. 

We would then obviously have lots of children and spend our days with them. 

Lastly, I would probably hire a chef, at least part of the time. I like to cook but I want someone that will make me healthy delicious meals. I can make some pretty good meals but they aren't always the healthiest. And, if I don't have my health, millions of dollars don't really help a whole lot do they?

Does anyone else think about this a lot? Is there something different that you would do that's not on my list?

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