Monday, July 8, 2013

Exciting News!!

I'm so behind in blogland. Yikes. 

I haven't read any blogs since last Wednesday and I haven't written either so please excuse me. I've been living in real life instead of bloglife and the two just didn't happen to overlap the last few days.

Don't worry though, I snapped plenty of photos to post up here recapping my 4th of July weekend later in the week. 

I'm a tad bit sleepy at the moment after all the festivities. Plus, my phone rang at 6:15 this morning because the air vent cleaning guy wanted to give me a courtesy call that his guys would be there in 45 minutes. Seriously? 45 minutes? All I needed was a pair of pants and a bra. 5 minutes would have been plenty of notice. Ehh. 

My vents are clean though which I'm hoping means my allergies will get better. Being the multi-tasker that I am I also had the septic guy out at the same time. Turns out neither of those things are cheap so let's just say I spent almost a whole weeks salary before 10am this morning. Lame. 

I seriously need a vacation right now to rest up from my weekend. Lots of fun. Not lots of sleep. 

And so this post isn't incredibly lame. I leave you with some exciting news...Seth should be moving home in 2 weeks! Cross your fingers, knock on wood, that nothing changes:)

How many of you thought the exciting news
was that I was pregnant?! Sorry:)


  1. I might be guilty of wondering if that was the news. You put it out there in such a typical way for that kind of stuff to be announced! But I hope he'll be home in 2 weeks like you guys think! And seriously...I want to take a vacation without using my vacation time.

    1. Haha I figured that's what people would think. Boy wouldn't my mom be surprised! As for Seth, he talked to the president of his company and he will definitely be moving home on the 18th!!!! Then he's gone for a bach party all weekend but when he gets back he will be home for good!!! Obviously I'm a little excited:)

  2. Woah! I am super happy I found you! Where outside of Lawrence are you? Isn't it such a small world?

    1. Grew up in Eudora, now I'm in Baldwin. So basically we are neighbors:)


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