Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Carnival Came to Town!

It's Tuesday, it's raining and I just want to go back to bed. I'm pretty sure it will be the weekend though before I can catch back up on my sleep from this past weekend. It was a good one though so I guess I shouldn't complain. 

Let's recap so I can re-live it for a few minutes, shall we?

Friday I left work early to go work the church food stand at the carnival (CPA). I got lucky to get the 4-6 shift so it wasn't crowded at all. We mostly just had to cut pies and get set up for the crowds that would come after we left. After my shift I found my cousin Maria who was visiting for the weekend from St. Louis. Maria and I are bff's and I'm her daughter, Zoey's, Godmother. We got to hang out together and watch the children's parade before walking around and soaking up the carnival goodness. The people-watching at this thing is to die for and I always have to remind first time visitors not to judge my whole town based on what they might see at the CPA. 
I love her pigtails!

Are they not the cutest Grandparents you have ever seen?

Zoey loved the band.

I left the CPA early so I could head home to see my husband and change clothes before heading out to his 10-yr reunion gathering. It was 10 before we arrived but there was still a large group hanging out. Since Seth and I went to high school together, I knew everyone also, so it was good being able to see people and catch up. 

It was almost one by the time we left the bar and headed down to Mass Street, in Lawrence, where we stopped in for some Fuzzy's Tacos. Umm...why has no one ever made me go to this place before? It's so good! Seth and I split a plate of nachos that, I kid you not, was as big as my head. And, it was only $6! I love finding places like this except for the fact that it's 9am and now I'm thinking about Mexican food. Sorry the food didn't last long enough to take a photo. Actually, I didn't take any photos this night. Fail:(

We probably made it to bed by 3 so I call that a win. Plus we didn't wake up until almost noon the next day. So a win-win maybe?

I should probably add that the self tanner worked out fine and the wanna-be-husband stealer decided to steer clear. Pretty sure she wasn't very excited to see me though:)  

Saturday we got ready and headed over to Church before I dropped Seth off at the start of the parade route. He joined his classmates along with a cooler full of beer to ride a trailer down main street for the parade. We met up after the parade and chowed down on some food booth hot dogs and nachos. So good. (Is it lunch time yet?)

My mom is in the top middle. It was her 40th reunion.

Seth in the blue looking like he just drank 6 beers in less than an hour. 

Then we meandered around the carnival soaking in all of the sights and sounds that only the CPA has to offer. Before it got too late we obviously had to hit up the cotton candy booth so I could get my fix. I told the cotton candy man to feel free to make me the largest cotton candy that has ever been made. He was happy to oblige. So, I gorged myself on beautifully pink spun sugar and managed to eat it all except the part that melted all over my hand and dress. NBD.

Gimme gimme gimme!

This is what your tongue looks like on cotton candy.
Managed one decent photo of us for the whole weekend.

Wolf Hamlin who made a short appearance on American Idol a couple years ago was playing some music at the grandstand. Everyone seemed to congregate there so we hung out and chatted away for awhile before heading home to our pillows. So sad I have to wait another full year for the CPA to come back to town. 

Sunday we got a little bit of sleep before Seth got up to mow the yard and I decided I should probably clean a little since my house was a disaster. We had our very first bacon tomato sandwiches of the summer and I have been craving them ever since. Sadly Seth had to leave to drive back to Texas:( I managed a mini-nap before going to hang out with Maria's family so we could have a birthday dinner for Zoey's 1st birthday.

She loved her cupcake!
Then I went back home to this sweet guy who has been keeping dad's chair warm while he's gone.

Until later my people.

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  1. You should have included the people who are representing your town at this carnival. I'm sure it can't be worse than my home town, but I'm interested!

    1. I'm assuming you are familiar with the "People of Wal-Mart" website? Well, let's just pretend Wal-Mart was closed and they all went to the carnival:)


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