Monday, September 29, 2014

Seth turns 30!!

Last Friday Seth turns the big 3-0! How did that even happen? I could swear it was a week ago when I met a skinny little 16 year old with the bluest eyes I had ever seen. Fourteen years later and his eyes haven't lost the sparkle. He's still the hardworking, kind, generous smart ass that I fell in love with so many years ago. 

To celebrate I had a few little surprised planned, but nothing too major cause he's not the kinda guy who likes a lot of attention. Since he was out of town Monday and Tuesday night I was able to make him a "broquet" and then have my brother deliver it to his office on Friday.

I think it turned out pretty cute and I plan to post instructions on how to do it soon!

Friday my office closed an hour early and made it home in time to decorate, bake a fresh pan of brownies as well as "make a cake" since he doesn't like traditional cake. Pretty sure he would pick this cake any day.


Since our lovely Kansas City Royals are doing amazing I bought him a Hunt for Blue October shirt. I may or may not have bought myself one as well. Oops.


Anyway, when he made it home from work we loaded up into the car and drove back to the city to watch the Sporting KC game which was his first Professional Soccer Game. Despite not being overly excited about watching soccer I think he actually enjoyed it. Pretty sure the Coors Lights may have contributed a little bit...

Conveniently enough, Hollywood Casino is located right next to Sporting KC, so after the game we went straight over to watch our beloved Royals make it the post season for the first time in 29 years! I wasn't even alive last time they made it to the postseason.

To celebrate the Royals win Seth spent the next 4 hours in the poker room where the other players bought him beers and eventually took his money. YOLO. I managed to lose $15 in about 20 minutes and decided I had enough so I walked around the casino and then managed to find a cafĂ© that was still open and selling salads. Sometimes my lame-ness amazes me.

By 2 o'clock I managed to get Seth to leave the casino to head on home to our bed and a lovely little thing called sleep. After such a late night, and because we aren't in college anymore, we literally didn't leave the couch all day Saturday. It was kinda awesome and kinda pathetic all rolled into one. We did manage to catch up on the episodes of Dateline and 48 Hours that we missed that night before so I would say the day wasn't a complete waste.

Sunday we had church and then went to get Seth a couple new pairs of jeans and a coat he wanted for his birthday. Surprisingly we made it home in time to get a few things done around the house and then get ready to start the week all over again.

Happy Monday Everyone!!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


As mentioned in my previous post, IKEA in Kansas has opened not 5 miles from my office and it is equal parts awesome and bad news bears (because it will take all my money).

Let me mention that I had been to the IKEA in Florida a couple times so I knew what to expect when going into the store for the first time but that didn't stop it from being magical.

The store opened on September 10th, a Wednesday. I couldn't contain my excitement so I drove over and around the store on my lunch hour. Realizing that there was going to be no way to get in and out in an hour I just admired from a distance. (I may have issues.) Let me just say that there were cops and security at every intersection, stoplight and possible crossing within a mile radius of this place. They were keeping the traffic flowing by manually changing the stoplights.

I made it to Friday the 12th before I couldn't wait any longer and I ventured out again over my lunch hour. I parked on the second story of the parking garage and speed walked my way through the throngs of people that didn't realize I was on a time crunch.

The following are a few of my thoughts while visiting IKEA:

  • Don't these people have jobs? I realize I'm here too but there are literally entire families here. And couples, who look like they're on dates.
  • Why in the world would you bring multiple children to this place? Especially on the week it opened. I realize they have childcare but anyone with half a brain would realize it's going to be full.
  • I want all the things.
  • Man, I really feel sorry for the guy that has to use the little hand-clicker (technical name for it obviously) to keep track of the amount of people that come in.
  • Some lady just ran away from her table asking me to watch her (probably) 1 year old little girl because her 4 year old-ish wild child boy just ran away.
  • I wonder if she's regretting bringing her kids now.
  • What is in this Pepsi? It's very possibly the best thing I have ever drank.
  •  I'm pretty sure I have a goofy grin on my face right now.
  • I might need a second job to pay for my future Ikea purchases.
  • The chicken strips aren't as good as I thought they would be. Might need to try the meatballs next time.
  • I want all the things. No really, I do.
  • Get out of my way.

Okay, that about sums up the highlights of my visit. Obviously once wasn't enough though because I went back this past Friday also. I have yet to buy anything outside of lunch and I'm starting to wonder if this might turn into a weekly thing. We shall see!

Has anyone else visited the new IKEA, in Kansas, yet? What did you buy?

What's your favorite item(s) to purchase at IKEA?

Technically this photo was taken at the IKEA in Orlando when we were there in August but you get the idea. I like it.
Mom, you're photo taking skills need a little fine tuning. Just saying.
We can all pretend that's more tan than it is shadow.  

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Royals Game, Canning and Closet Cleaning

I've been contemplating a new post for a while now. A lot. Sorta just seems like life keeps getting in the way, ya know?

I've been texting Kala over at My Breezy Room and she helped give me the little nudge I might have needed to try and jump back into this thing. (Don't hold your breath, just in case). So... since the husband is out of town, and not trying to sleep, I decided to lay in bed, watch a little Office Space (have you seen my red stapler?) and clickety clack out a new post.

I'll try to start small with a few weekend happenings and maybe I will eventually catch up some of the bigger things over the past few months. (Again, quit holding your breath.)

Last Friday, Seth and I hit up the Royals game to try to cheer our beloved team on to the post season. ESPN showed up and unfortunately our team didn't. After Detroit knocked in about 3 or so runs in the first inning we realized things weren't going to go to well. The Royals ended up losing 10-1 in an embarrassing showing. I'm still not giving up on them though because we have already bought tickets to the post-season and I would much rather go to the games instead of getting our money back. Memories over money people. I can't help but have a soft spot for Baseball ever since that summer I met Seth so many years ago...


Saturday, I dropped my car off for an oil change and they informed me that my tire tread was "below the legal limit". Awesome. I can't wait to spend $600 buying one of the most boring things in the entire world.

I also managed to do some canning and made 13 quarts of apple pie filling. Pie anyone? It looks so yummy and I can't wait to make one hopefully this next weekend. I still have a huge basket of apples that I need to work and I'm hoping to make cinnamon apples using red hots like my Grandma used to do.

After church on Sunday, Seth worked outside and I took a little nap. Oops. I did manage to start the process of cleaning my closet out which is going pretty well so far. the amount of clothes I have is beyond ridiculous, but I am actually getting rid of stuff so I may need to go shopping again soon. As you can tell by the photo my closet was out of control. That empty space was completely full of clothes but they were all laying on the bed when I took this photo. Luckily they all didn't make it back in.

Well, I think that's enough for now. Thinking my next post might be about my trip to the new IKEA that just opened less than 5 miles from my office. I'm in LOVE!

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

That one time I was almost murdered

Okay, maybe the title is a bit dramatic but I bet you're curious. Let's just say the experience taught me a little something about myself. Turns out, I'm the girl that runs up the stairs instead of out the door when there is a serial killer in her house. With that said…on with the story.

A week ago Seth had to go out of town for a week, which I hate but it's occasionally a necessary evil (since his paychecks are mildly beneficial in making the mortgage payment). Anywho…Not 20 minutes after he leaves a black truck stops in front of my house. Not in my driveway but out on the gravel. Weird (creepy) right? 

I look out the window and see Gunnar sitting in the ditch just looking at the truck with his head cocked to the side wondering the same thing I was. Why isn't this truck moving? Thinking that maybe my crazy dog was chasing the truck and the driver stopped because they didn't want to hit him I figured I should call him. I yell for him a few times and being the obedient (hence the sarcasm) dog that he is he darts off in the opposite direction. (Quite the guard dog we have, be jealous.)

After my dog scampers off, a guy gets out of the truck and starts walking slowly toward my house. Thinking it was more than a little odd I just stood there stuck in place wondering what the eff he was doing, especially since there were at least two others in the vehicle. As he gets closer he yells to me, "you wouldn't happen to have a jack, would you?" I'm married to a man with every tool under the sun and for some reason felt like this stranger probably knew it so I felt obligated to say, "yes, I think so, hang on."

I went back inside to put on tennis shoes, in case I needed to make a run for it, because that's how my mind works. I tried to call Seth and of course he didn't answer. My brain is yelling at me "You're getting ready to be murdered and he can't answer his damn phone." 

I head back outside and creepy guy is now standing up closer to my house smoking a cigarette and creeping me out just a little more. When I walk out he asks if there's any chance I also have a 4-way tire iron. Since I'm a terrible liar I say yes and go back in to the garage and bring it back out to hand to the guy. (Great, I just handed a murderer the weapon he is going to use to bash my head in.)

Stranger Danger follows me down to my husbands (secluded) shop where I make sure to keep out of arms reach of him. I walk inside and immediately start to head to the other side of the building farther away from the creepster and closer to another door should I need to dart out it. Luckily, the guy spots the jack right inside the door we entered and tells me as much. I turn around sheepishly and see it as he picks it up to carry to his truck. 

I follow him out the door and he heads straight out to the truck where the two other guys jump out to help him change the tire. On our way across the yard I mention to him to just leave the jack in the driveway when he's done and thanks for not bashing my head in and leaving me in a hot metal building while the blood drains from my skull. Okay, I didn't say the last part but I'm pretty sure he knew I was thinking it. 

Anyway, I went back inside and locked my doors and turned on my alarm system and thanked God for another day on Earth. 

Maybe I'm a bit dramatic, or maybe I just watch too much Dateline, but I hope no one else ever stops to borrow a jack while Seth is gone or I will be like Kevin McAllister hiding under the bed. 

Have a great 4th of July weekend and don't forget to celebrate the people that make our freedom possible!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How to Make Easy Dog Treats

Okay, I promised you a dog treat recipe so here it is. And did I mention that it is super simple dog treat recipe? Even if you aren't Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart I have complete faith that anyone can make these.

There is a grand total of 3 ingredients! I would also say there is a pretty good chance you have these ingredients on hand. Are  your ready??

Here it is:


1 cup milk
1 cup peanut butter
2 cups flour

(Now the hard part, but not really.)


Mix all ingredients together.
Roll dough out on a floured counter top (so it doesn't stick).

Cut dough into dog treat shapes, or if you're like me, little flowers and hearts because you don't have a dog bone cookie cutter. (Trust me, your dog won't care what they look like.)

Place on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 8 minutes or so, depending on the size of your treats.

I just baked them until they were a little more well done than a human cookie. Basically, not rock hard but not fall apart chewy. (It's an exact science obviously).

Take out of the oven and let cool before serving to your dog. He will love you forever.

I use these a lot as training treats since they are little and I don't feel bad giving Gunnar a handful of them. He doesn't mind either. Let me know if you have questions and enjoy!

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Monday, June 16, 2014

First Time at the Farmers Market

With my new job comes this lovely little perk called "summer hours". Basically, Monday through Thursday you work an extra hour each day and then you get every other Friday off. For a grand total of 5 Friday's off throughout summer. It's fantastic! 

I enjoyed my first Friday off this past Friday. I spent the day catching up on cleaning. Boring I know, but I did have family coming over on Saturday for a Fathers Day cookout so I figured I better make the main floor presentable. 

Besides wasting my whole day doing laundry and cleaning, I decided to do some baking to take to the local Farmer's Market. Since I have a fairly large garden and I'm hoping to take some extra produce to the Farmers Market later this summer I wanted to check it out before hand. 

I baked up some super simple peanut butter dog treats as well as some super delicious human treats that I like to call chocolate chip cookies. (P.S. I'm a CCC addict. The first step is admitting the problem right?!) 

Guess which is which!

I decided to give my  Grandma, who is a notorious bread maker in my home town, a call and see if she wanted to bake a few loaves I could sell for her. She contributed 8 still warm from the oven loaves of bread. My mom also added in some of her beautifully iced sugar cookies and I threw in a couple jars of my homemade apple butter. I was all set and ready for the sale. 

Since you only have to pay 5 bucks for a space I figured the worst case scenario was I lost 5 dollars and gained a few extra pounds eating the cookies. Luckily the FM had a decent crowd during the 5-7 time period and I sold 6 loaves of Grandma's bread and several packages of both kinds of cookies and dog treats plus almost all the apple butter.

The next day my parents were having a garage sale so my mom sold almost all the rest of my homemade goodies. Now don't get me wrong, I still ate my fair share of cookies but I'm okay with that:)

I spent the rest of the long weekend hanging out at home cleaning up the house and having a cookout. My mom and I did manage a mini movie marathon and watched The Fault in Our Stars and Maleficent on Sunday. I haven't read The Fault in Our Stars yet which I hate because I always prefer reading the book first but I thought the movie was excellent and I'm pretty sure there wasn't a dry eye by the end of it. Maleficent was also good but not quite what I was expecting. Overall I would recommend TFIOS if you can only pick one. 

Hope you all had a good weekend! Maybe I'll share my dog treat recipe soon. 

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Friday, May 16, 2014

I'm a big fat liar.

Obviously, when I said "I'm back" I lied. Not sure why it's so hard to find the time to write now but it is. Maybe I'm afraid of boring you because I like my job and what's going on in my life (for the most part) so it might be a little dull to read. Or maybe it's because I really am busy and I really don't have the time. Maybe I forgot how to be entertaining. Yeah, right.

Guess I'll give all of you a short list of what's happened in my life in the last several months.

  • I lost my job due to a layoff and was unemployed over the holidays. Not fun.
  • I found a new job through Linked In and have currently been here for about 3 1/2 months. 
  • I love my new job and my boss and the people I work with and the whole shebang. It's fantastic.
  • My dog was chasing was chasing something and somehow managed to dislocate his front elbow (Is that what it's called on a dog??). He recovered just fine.
  • My dog felt the need to chase a car and got hit (at 9:30pm), we took him to the Animal Hospital at K-State (at 2am) after visiting another clinic and they kept him overnight. He has since recovered.
  • I got my garden planted.
  • I have tried and successfully added a few new homemade recipes (that Seth also enjoys) to the rotation. 
  • Seth built me some awesome shelves in my craft closet that are yet to be filled because I'm pathetic. 
  • I made some new friends at my new job that are pretty great.
  • I have finally been working out again and trying to eat healthy which is way easier said than done. 
  • I joined Weight Watchers to help my drop a few extra winter lbs and to make myself focus on making better food decisions. Let's say overall it's gone well but this week I sort of fell off the wagon and it backed up and ran over me again.
  • I have seen a million different movies over the past months and would be happy to give you a review if you are interested. 
  • I got my hair done with ombre highlights which was the first time I have ever had color added so that was fun and I love it. 
I suppose all that stuff catches you up to date on what's happened in my world in the last few months. Boring, right? Maybe I will just write a few boring posts to try and get back into the swing of things. Or maybe I will suck again and not write for months. Feel free to send me suggestions, or leave comments, about what you think I should write about so maybe you will want to read it :)

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