Friday, July 12, 2013

Worlds of Fun!

I'm FINALLY catching up with my posts relating to last weekend, right in time for another weekend. 

After the whole she-bang on Wednesday and Thursday we slept in a little bit Friday morning. Woke up, I did some laundry and cleaned our messy house while Seth worked on stuff outside. By mid-afternoon we were all packed up and on our way to Kansas City

First stop was our hotel. We stayed at Harrah's so we could do a little gambling. Aka lose money. We got checked in and then checked out the casino a bit before heading to the Royals game were we sat in no traffic, which was awesome. 
(centered perfectly!)

I'm cheap so we used my Pepsi can to get a buy one get one free ticket in the nosebleed section. Honestly, they really weren't bad seats. Conveniently enough it was also buck night so we chowed down on hotdogs, peanuts and Pepsi. What's more American than the food? Baseball. Even when the Royals are losing I can't help but love watching Baseball. I'm not sure why I love it so much except maybe because Seth used to play and that's how met? No idea, but I do love it. 

I've never seen so many people at a Royals game. Loved it!
Yes please!

And this is why America's kids are fat.
They go to a real life Royals game and prefer to sit in an
air conditioned room playing video games. Ridiculous!

It was pretty hot and sweaty but I was easily entertained by the lady sitting in front of me. AND the first date couple I was eavesdropping on right next to me. The girl told the guy she had been in 20 car wrecks and one involved a donkey she hit. He staid noticeably sober the whole game, presumably because he didn't want her driving him home. 20? really?? 

The game ended with a firework display which was great since the day before was the 4th and I obviously didn't see enough fireworks then:)

Me: "Let's take a picture with the field in the background."
Seth: "Eh, good enough."
Me: "Really??" 
The Royals lost so we headed back to the casino to drown our sorrows in slot machines and black jack. No bueno. We will just say that we had something in common with the Royals and it wasn't winning. On to the next best thing. Loaded nachos at 2:00am. Hallelujah, they were amazing.
Let's say my inner fat kid came out:)
Pretty sure I passed out about 3 seconds after my head hit the pillow that night and I didn't wake up until Seth drug me from bed so we could have more fun at Worlds of Fun!! Oh, and I'm five. I freakin love Worlds of Fun and all of its roller coaster glory. Luckily we got there fairly early and we managed to ride all the roller coasters we wanted before it got too crazy crowded. 

Around 1:00 we headed to the Oceans of Fun waterpark side and waited too long in lines for slides that I must say were not life changing. So we headed back to the roller coasters. Thank goodness Seth was in the mood to try out some of the roller coasters because normally he is not a fan. After a quick ride on the Patriot, where your feet dangle, he was pumped and wanted to get right back in line. Who am I to argue? 

One terrible photo with the Patriot in the background.
Fly high Patriot, fly high.
We ended out the weekend by stopping by Buffalo Wild Wings and then heading home to pass out and sleep until 11:30 the next day. My kinda weekend:)

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  1. I hope you succeeded in drowning all your sorrows in those slot machines and blackjacks. I don’t doubt that, since it would be difficult not to have fun in a casino. It doesn’t matter if you’re winning or not, just being in a glamorous place that’s full of vivacity is sometimes enough to cheer you up.

    Marci Deegan @ Twin Pine


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