Friday, July 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes {8}

1. I am not a happy camper today. Seth was supposed to be moving home in less than a week and he now has to go to another job for a month! One year and nine months of marriage and we have yet to live together. This is getting old. As am I. 

2. On a brighter note I am currently in the process of planning a vacation, or second honeymoon as I like to think of it. I definitely want something warm and beachy and am thinking another cruise, because I love them, but I'm not sure that Seth is sold on the idea. I would love to hear suggestions of places you have been and loved. Nothing too crazy expensive and we are going for probably a week so keep that in mind when thinking of how long it takes to get there. (P.S. Anyone been to Maldives? I keep seeing pictures of this place and it looks like heaven on Earth.)

This is how excited about vacation I am!
3. Taking the little sis-in-law, she's 8, to see an outdoor performance of Peter Pan tomorrow night. Should be lots of fun and hopefully it's not too crazy hot. Growing up with two younger brothers it's nice to finally have a little sis to spoil. 

4. I'm trying to majorly cut back on my pop intake. So far this week I have only drank it one day but the real test will be the weekend. I don't know why I think this is so hard but it really is. I love it like a fat kid loves cake. 

5. My parents are in the middle of building their new house which is exciting and lots of fun (maybe a tad stressful) but it keeps making me want to change things at our house. Nothing major just change a lot of paint colors and remove some not so gorgeous wallpaper. Too bad I'm too indecisive to pick out colors so I always pick out the same color. For every room. 

Obsessed with this color.
6. Doing a Senior pictures photoshoot tonight with my cousin Sophia. I must say I'm pretty excited about it since this girl is gorgeous and such a sweetie! I will try to remember to post some of the photos back here later on. 

7. I can't believe it's already the middle of July. Summer is flying by faster than I realized and I can't help but think there are still way too many fun summery things I want to do before it ends. With Seth out of town all the time it's so hard to really get in the summery spirit. Most days I just want to go home and lay on my couch like a bum. It's no fun to grill out and sit on the back deck by yourself. At least I'm assuming it's not. I haven't tried it yet but it sounds pretty depressing. Hoping this weekend will turn this Debbie Downer into an Uplifting Ursula.  

Moving on...I think I'll take Uncle Si's advice.

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  1. Ursula is uplifting? I always thought of her as a mean sea creature.... And how about you and Seth move to KCMO when he gets home. We could mess some stuff up by painting everything that color. And by mess stuff up, I mean make it look totally awesome! :)

    1. Okay okay, Ursula is terrible and awful but her tentacles are uplifting right?! I mean, they lift her up and all...

      If i suggested moving to KCMO to Seth, he would say, "do you know me at all?" Hahah. Never in a million years would that happen. Haha. He likes the country life and the KS side of the state line;) If you ever want to move up to the Lawrence area though that would be pretty lovely!! I have lots of space to paint things!

    2. Why does being in MO mean he wouldn't still be country? I plan on living in the country eventually, when I can afford it! Find us a house for sale and it might be a possibility.:)


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