Friday, July 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes {10} - Self Tanning Disasters

I'm sure some of you have probably been thinking that I made so much garage sale money this past weekend that I could finally afford my own island. And you know what, I did! Well, sorta. I made enough extra cash to buy myself and a couple friends shovels so I can build my own island in my pond. 

Looks like I have to stick with the 8-5 a little longer to be able to buy a real island. Maybe someday. 

Since it's already Friday again (worst blogger ever) I feel like I should recap the random musings and going ons of my oh so interesting life. And I might as well do it (that's what she said) in list format so I can link up with Jen. 

1. The garage sale was kinda a bust. Sorta. I did get rid of a lot of junk which is the point I know, but the first couple hours of the morning it was raining so I feel like we didn't get near the amount of people we otherwise would have. My aunt and cousin are doing the sale again this weekend so hopefully they do a little better. 

2. Monday after work I spent several hours in my garden clearing out the jungle that it was quickly becoming. Again.  It was hot and sweaty and I pretty much ended up covered in mud. Maybe I should have taken a tip from Gunnar and just relaxed. 

No idea why I even bother with gloves.

Yep, that's dirt smeared clear up my arms. And lion hair. Enjoy:)
3. Apparently, the garden weeding wasn't such a great idea because Tuesday I woke up feeling like death. Allergies are nothing to joke with kids. I have had them pretty regularly for over a year now and my otc meds don't seem to be doing the trick. In fact they were so bad I called my mom's fancy doctor to try and make an appointment to get in with him, since apparently it sometimes takes months. Amazingly the nurse asked if I could be there in 30 minutes. Umm...yes! After about 5 million questions, an x-ray of my sinuses and some blood work (which I didn't feel at all thanks to some amazing blood drawing fella) my doctor has discovered that my sinuses are in fact very closed off. Thanks doc for clearing that up. JK. He actually prescribed me a couple meds to try for the next several months to see if that does the trick or if I have to go back for sinus surgery:( It's day 3 on the meds and it already feels like a miracle has occurred in my nose. Hallelujah!

4. Since it's my towns carnival (#socialeventoftheseason) and my husbands 10 year reunion I decided I should probably step things up a bit. You know. Do my hair, maybe put on some makeup, paint my nails. Oh, and how about a little self tanner?! My aunt owns a salon so I got one of these nifty little tan towels from her. (It's basically just a wet wipe that you rub all over and then you wake up with a sweet tan. Cool right?! ) So, I showered and exfoliated while thinking man this tan is gonna look legit. Used the tan towel and went to bed. I woke up and looked in the mirror. No weird streaks across my face. Winning! Oh wait, what's the giant line running down my leg and on the backside of my arm. Son of a biscuit. I totally freaking missed a couple sections and now I have a line where the tan part of my body meets the pale part of my body. Is this a joke? I just spent my lunch break applying another tan towel and praying that I don't look like Snooki by this evening. Thoughts and prayers greatly appreciated. 
This picture doesn't really do my arm justice
and this is nothing compared to my leg:(

5. Since the ol' carnival (aka: CPA Picnic) is in town, I made my cousin Sophia get dressed up so I could take a few Senior photos of her last night. Here's a couple sneak peaks that you have probably already seen if you follow me on Instagram. If you don't follow me, you should. Shameless plug:)

She makes everything look adorable. 

Nanny's Candy Castle would be a pretty good place to live if you ask me. 

6. In case you can't tell by the photos above and by some of my past ramblings, I love cotton candy. Like, a lot. I was at my mom's the other day when she told me that there were two packages of Cotton Candy Cookie Mixes on the table for me! One of her best friends, Karen (shout-out) has been reading my blog and knew about my cotton candy addiction. When she saw those cookie mixes she thought of me and bought them. How sweet is that?!! I haven't had the chance to make them yet but I'm really hoping I get to make some this weekend. Thank you so much Karen!!

7. So excited the Royal Baby has arrived!! Besides His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge (good luck learning to write that one kid), own of my best friends (Jessica) had her baby this past weekend. It's her first baby and I'm so excited for her but sad that she lives in AZ so I can't meet the little guy yet. Maybe I should say big guy since he was 9lbs 12oz!! Let me just say his mom is very tiny so I can't even imagine how she ended up with such a little butterball but he is seriously adorable. Giant dimples on both of his cheeks!
Obviously I'm the king size one in the middle
and Jess is the fun size that is the tiniest in the picture. 

Happy Friday my people!

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  1. Julie, have you tried Zyrtec for your allergies? It works really well for me. It makes you feel kind of spacey for the first two or three days though. It's kind of pricey so I buy drugstore brand that is about 1/2 the cost. Also, don't let them talk you into sinus surgery. I have known several people who got it and they regretted it. Maybe if it's laser surgery; I don't know much about it. Just don't let anybody scrape around inside your head with a knife!

    1. Uncle Bill! Yes, I take Zyrtec (generic version) every night before bed. My doc prescribed me Prednisone and Flonase and then he also wants me to try Singulair. Since I have had them for over a year he thinks I'm probably allergic to something in my home or work environment. They have been way better since starting meds last week though:) Steering clear of surgery unless it becomes absolute necessary but so far so good!

  2. I think it's so funny that the carnival is the social event of the season lol. I guess I'm really thinking year in my head. It's so small town! Which is great! I'm saying this before I go home to our "Kidder Picnic" in my hometown this weekend where my brother has shown off a pig in the Pet Parade more than once. No room to talk.

    1. I know! Gotta love small towns don't ya?! I can't say we have a pet parade but that is pretty cool. However, anyone that owns a four wheeler, horse, old car, or fancy bicycle will pull it out to ride in the parade. It was great!

  3. Small towns are so much fun! I especially love the parades, like you said--for anyone with a car, 4-wheeler or horse--that close off Main street.


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