Tuesday, April 30, 2013

More than a phone.

Well, I'm loving it, so far anyway. 

Even though I've only had my iPhone for less than 24 hours I've been hit with the realization that there are a heck of a lot of apps used to tell the world what you're doing. Facebook, twitter and instagram to name just a couple. I'm gonna have to be careful or I will end up spending more time telling the world what I'm doing than I will spend actually doing something in the world. Scary how easy it can be to get sucked in to social media. 

I've noticed recently that I have been using Facebook as a type of online journal if that makes sense. For example, I can go back and read about things that happened in college or the day to day stresses of planning our wedding. It's pretty neat that you can easily track all these little moments in life. I have always been somewhat of a historian in the way that I want to remember the past through words, stories and photos so this is really neat to me (thus this blog). Especially since I have always been jealous of those people that do journal religiously. My mom being one of them. It's amazing to go back through her journals and see all those little details that spark memories that would have otherwise been forgotten. 

As I install some of these new apps I'm hoping to be able to use this piece of technology to continue on the path of documenting life and memories. Time will tell if I'm able to easily live my life for me or for my technology. 

Oh, and click here for our Instagram debut:)

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  1. It's especially hard not to get sucked in when you're a blogger! Sometimes I feel like I'm not on there enough, but then I think about how it's pointless to keep posting if I'm not adding any value. That helps me make sure I continue to "do something in the world".

    1. So true. Sometimes I wonder though if I'm a creeper because I don't mind reading peoples day to day randomness on their blogs. I just find it fascinating to get a glimpse into other people's lives. Not sure why since I'm perfectly happy in my own life but it's just cool.


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