Thursday, April 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Prom

This past Saturday one of my beautiful cousins was going to her first prom so I went to take some photos for her mom (my aunt).

Anyways, it got me thinking about my first prom, what seems like oh so many years ago. It was 2002 and I was a freshman in high school. At our high school you could only go to prom as a freshman or sophomore if you were asked by an upperclassman. Well, I remember walking down the hallway and one of the Senior boys that I ran track with stopped me and managed to nervously get out the words, "will you go to prom with me?" I don't remember exactly what I said but I'm pretty sure it was something along the lines of, "I'll have to ask my mom?" Haha. Surprised he didn't change his mind right then.

A little background info though...My mom always said I wasn't allowed to "date"until I was 16. I was only 15 when I got asked to prom.

So, I did what I'm sure only I would do, I made a list. I wrote my mom a letter and attached the list of all the reasons why I thought I should be allowed to go to prom. I wish now I had the list, or maybe I don't because it's probably embarrassing. The list worked though! My mom let me go to prom. I'm sure it was the list that persuaded her to let me go. Or, maybe it was that the guy was just a friend and she knew that this guy would never be more than a friend. Either way though I got to go.

Fast forward several weeks to April 14. The day Seth and I started dating (again, and for good, but that's another story). He wanted me to tell the other guy that I couldn't go to prom anymore because we were dating again. I refused to ditch my current prom date because I felt like it would be so mean to do only two weeks before prom. Plus, I'm sure I was afraid my mom would change her mind about letting me go to prom if it was with my boyfriend.

The day of prom finally arrived. I went with my cousin, Jacqueline, to get our hair done and then got home to do our makeup. Sadly, I wasn't in the same dinner group as Jacq or Seth. Well, my prom date arrived at my house so we could take photos. With him, was another couple, his best friend and his date , the girl Seth just broke up with. Talk about AWKWARD. I'm all, "Hi, I'm going to prom with a guy I'm not dating and the guy I wish I was going with just broke up with you to date me. Let's go to dinner!" Okay, I didn't say that but pretty sure it couldn't have made things more awkward.
Gotta love a good cowboy theme:)

We made it through photos and then went to dinner at some swanky place inside a bank. No idea what I ate or what we talked about. All I remember is everyone setting there kind of awkward and quiet the whole time. Did I mention it was awkward?

Luckily we got through dinner and then headed to the dance where I sorta ditched my date to hang out with Seth. Is that bad? I still feel kinda bad about it but I also had a great time where I don't think I would have otherwise. I guess I like to rationalize it by telling myself that my date knew he was going with someone that was dating someone else. Still kinda bad I know.

After prom our high school has an awesome All Night Prom. You play tons of games, jump on giant inflatables, gorge yourself on food and then win some really cool prizes. If my memory serves me correctly, this was the year where there was a cowboy theme.

Basically, it was a fantastic (and awkward) first prom experience. So glad my mom let me go:) Who would have guessed that nine and a half years later I would marry that cute blue eyed boy that didn't get to take me to prom!

Okay, this is from my Senior year but it's all I have on my computer. Maybe I will dig out the hard copies of the Freshman photos some time. 
Almost like a wedding dress. 
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  1. Haha - leave it to small midwest towns to have a cowboy theme. I honestly cannot remember at all ANY of the themes of the proms I went to and I went to 3 of them. Pathetic.

    I was just talking about going home and trying on my prom dresses again just to see if they fit. Crazy! :)

    1. You know it! Luckily, they mixed things up in the other 3 proms I went to with a vegas theme, 70's and then an Old Hollywood that was really cool.

      You should totally try on your dresses and take photos to post:)


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