Monday, April 15, 2013

Middle of the Night Phone Calls

Nothing like being jolted from sleep at 12:17 AM thinking there is no way it can be time to wake up yet to realize it's your phone ringing. Phone calls and the middle of the night have never been a combination I enjoy. Typically, they are bad (except the one to tell me my God Child was born - Yay Zoey!).

Last night my stepdad, Dave, called to tell me that he thought my mom had a seizure or something like that and he couldn't get her to wake up. He called the EMT's and luckily she had come to before they arrived but they still took her to the hospital to do a ct scan. I talked to Dave before they took her to the hospital and he said that she was awake and answering all the questions correctly and he would let me know if I should come to the hospital.

She's really good at squinty eyed photos.
I called Seth, who is working out of town, and woke him, which I feel bad doing because again, middle of the night phone calls are scary. I listened to him tell me everything was okay and it probably happened because she had a long day -- The little old lady who she does elder care for passed away which basically means she is out of a job. Plus they just broke ground on their new house. -- After talking to Seth I felt a little better and eventually fell back asleep praying that everything was okay. I got a text at 4:00 in the morning saying she was fine and back home in bed. Thank you, God!

At work this morning I texted to see how she was doing and what the heck happened. Apparently, she took a sleeping pills to help her go to sleep and then woke up because she thought she was going to be sick. On her walk into the bathroom she thinks she fell back asleep and hit her face on the toilet. Ouch. She said she has a fat lip and her teeth hurt. I told her she was lucky she didn't knock her teeth out. Thank goodness it wasn't more serious though.

I'm sure you're probably thinking why the heck didn't I get out of bed and go to the hospital. Who knows. My mom has had this kind of thing (sort of) happen to her probably about 3-4 other times now and when I talked to Dave he seemed to think she was doing okay. Plus I think I was still stuck in the half asleep world where you don't really understand or know what's going on but people are telling you it's okay so you believe them. Fortunately it was, but I still feel kinda guilty for not getting out of my bed. I love you though Mommy and I'm glad you're okay!

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