Wednesday, April 10, 2013



Words or phrases my husband uses frequently that make me giggle. 


I doubted this was a real word but turns out it is. It just doesn't mean what he wants it to mean.  Apparently carousing means to drink and become noisy. However, Seth uses it to describe Gunnars activities of running through the woods chasing birds. I think he might have combined the words perusing and cruising and came up with carousing. 

You're full of shit as a Christmas goose

This basically means. You're full of crap or lying.

Polishing a turd.

A charming saying, I know. If you are "polishing a turd" you are basically wasting time and money on something that will still be a piece of crap when you are done. 

Jay-Z, P-Diddy, Kanye confusion

During the Superbowl....
Me: You realize Beyonce is married to Jay-Z
Seth: Oh yeah, Puff Daddy
Me: No, Jay-Z
Seth: Isn't that the same person?

During the Grammy's....
(Frank Ocean is accepting an award. Seth thinks it's Chris Brown.)
Seth: Taylor Swift should go interrupt his speech like he did to her.
Me: That was Kanye.
Seth: Oh.........

Can't never did do shit.

His response to everything when I say "can't".


Salad topping or in other words, croutons. Assuming he has combined the word croutons and Funyons to get crunyons??

I love that he can always make me smile!

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  1. This is cute. My boyfriend always calls my leggings "leggers". He does it to be funny now, but the first time (or few times) wasn't an accident!

    1. Haha, leggers! That totally sounds like something my husband would say. Good thing we appreciate humor:)


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