Tuesday, April 16, 2013


After living in a world that seems to always be filled with violence and unexplainable hateful acts, it's important to remember that there is good in the world. 

That people are inherently, good. 
From people that smile at you on the sidewalk to people that run into an explosion to rescue others. People are good. 

I believe in God and that everything happens for his reasons. It's not our job to try to understand those reasons but to do our best to help others in any way we can. 

As we are, yet again, surrounded by the media coverage of an unexplainable act,
remember to treat others with the love and respect that we all deserve. 

I pray that God will help all of those who were affected by the Boston Marathon tragedy and give them peace in the coming days, weeks, months and years. Help them to know and remember that there is still good in the world. 

Another prayer I found that I thought was fitting... 
Be with me, Lord
O Lord, I am torn up with grief. I know you are there, but I cannot see past my sorrow and tears. Be with me, Lord... guide me through these dark days and bring your light to my life, so that I may see your goodness, even in my mourning.Maureen Pratt

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