Monday, April 29, 2013

Marvelous Monday

How do you know the $1 garage sale DVD's are cheap knockoffs? (This isn't a joke, btw) When the combo disk includes The Passion of the Christ and Fifty First Dates. Seriously?? I totally would have bought a couple of the other movies because I thought they were legit until I stumbled across that one. Ha.

   and   = ????

Nothing like getting up at 4:15 am to stumble through peoples garages looking for bargains. Even though I may have not ended up with an awesome movie combo (which I now regret buying) I did have lots of fun since I went with one of my aunts and two of my cousins. We searched through hundreds, okay maybe not hundreds (even though there were hundreds) of sales and my cousins managed to find lots of cute stuff for their kiddos. Since I have no kiddos, now or within at least nine months, I managed to escape without much. I spent the majority of my money on breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. I guess I shouldn't be surprised by that factoid considering my love for food. I did manage to find a box of cool canning jars that I'm pretty stoked about though. The sales were all at Ft. Leavenworth in the military housing which is actually pretty cool to see if you ever get the chance. Apparently they have one huge sale every year and it seems like almost every other house has their garage opened for potential bargain hunters. Pretty neat.

It may be Monday but I'm pretty sure today has the potential to be the highlight of the week because my iPhone has arrived!! I'm seriously so pumped that I finally got it and I can't wait for the end of work so I can go get it activated. If anyone has some awesome app suggestions I would love to hear them!

I ordered a couple cute phone cases off of Amazon today. One pink and one a light minty green. A couple of my favorite colors in case you can't tell by my current blog background. I also ordered some screen protectors and an Otterbox Armor case for my husbands phone. I guess the Armor case can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes and it's crush proof up to 2000 pounds or something like that. Hopefully, since I dropped a small fortune on the case he will manage to keep his phone alive until it's at least paid off. Has anyone had that case before? Seth's in the construction field and is constantly around heavy machinery and water so I feel like it was probably a good investment.

Oh, and another Happy Monday for me, it's approximately 80 degrees here and I'm in love with it. Yesterday I was able to lay out on my back deck for awhile and get some sun which was fantastic but two days of gorgeousness after this awful winter is blowing my mind right now!

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