Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Day I Ordered the iPhone:)

In an effort to start this week off right I did what anyone would do. I bought/ordered an iPhone! In a short 3-5 days I will have that lovely piece of technology in my hands and I can't wait! I have wanted a darn thing for as long as they have existed but my hubs and I are t-mobilers. Multiple times I have tried to talk Seth into switching carriers so I can get my darn phone but he was pretty insistent that was stay with T-Mobile because they have treated us alright and his family and my family all have T-Mobile. So I have been stuck, waiting for that wonderful day when T-Mobile would strike up a deal with Apple and I could get my phone. 

After visiting T-Mobile on Friday to discuss my plan options, I realized that Seth and I could both get new phones and still pay the same we already pay even after paying the $20 a month per phone. Once the phone is paid off we will pay less! So, duh. No reason not to change phones. I went home to tell the Seth the good news and make plans to order our phones the next day. Pretty sure I drove Seth bananas asking when we could go back to order the phones on Saturday and when we finally arrived, their computers were down:( So, we went back Sunday. Still down! Finally, yesterday I went and they were able to order. Hallelujah!

In order to keep the good karma flowing (and because I was hungry) I decided to text my sis-in-law to see if I could take her to dinner. After spending hours upon hours in her house and not being cleared to drive after her surgery she was more than willing to get out of the house. I took her to Panera since she had never been and who doesn't love a good bowl of soup? It was great to catch up with her and see how she's doing with all the craziness going on in her life right now. 

I decided to top the day off by picking up some candy for one of my cousins who is having a rough couple days. I dropped it off at school with an anonymous card to hopefully cheer her up. I think it's the little things that make people smile so hopefully it will make her day a little better. 

Going to lunch with one of my best friends, her mom and sis and my mom soon so this day is looking up as well. Minus the drizzly frozen rain junk that is happening outside right now.

Happy Tuesday folks!

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