Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Top 10 Tuesday: Garden Plants

Below you will find 10 of the plants that I cannot wait to plant and have fresh produce from. Most of these plants are the same as what I planted last year but I love them so much I will plant them again this year. 

1.Tomatoes - My very favorite item from the garden! I like to plant the big slicer tomatoes as well as some cherry tomatoes for salads and such. I'm hoping to find the kind my mom planted last year that are smaller than a Roma but bigger than a Grape tomato. They were awesome.

2. Strawberries - When you plant strawberries it usually takes a year before they produce and since I planted last year I'm hoping to have them this year. I love to make freezer jam with strawberries. 

3. Corn - Does anything say summer more than a nice ear of corn on the cob? I didn't think so.

4. Potatoes - Digging up potatoes is like hunting for buried treasure. It's so exciting when you pull them out of the ground and then they keep for such a long time in a cool dry place. 

5. Onions - I love onions. On salads, sandwiches, in potatoes, on kabobs...pretty much anywhere really.

6. Lettuce - Making a salad with fresh lettuce from your own garden is strangely satisfying. Make sure you wash it good to get the dirt off and then throw it in salad spinner to dry off. Yum!

7. Peppers - These are so great to dice up and throw on fresh salads or with the onions on some kabobs. My favorite are probably the red peppers while my husband loves the green.

8. Green Beans - For some reason I forgot to plant these last year and I was super disappointed. Hoping to plant a bunch and then can them for the winter.

9. Cucumbers - My cucumbers last year turned out pretty bad. I think I got a bad variety (that's my excuse anyway). This year I want to try planting some pickling cucumbers and then make homemade pickles. Seth and I both really like pickles so why not.

10. Jalapenos - This goes in my garden for Seth mainly. He loves things hot and spicy and jalapenos are just that. I used a ton of them in the salsa I canned last year but I'm hoping to put in two plants this year so I can can (haha) some as well. 

The plants listed above are just some of what I will be planting. Do you have favorites to plant in your garden?

I hope the weather cooperates so I can get everything in on time this year and have an abundant harvest like last year. 

Check back tomorrow for more about my garden:)

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