Friday, March 1, 2013

Top Ten: tue...Friday?? Snowdays...

Well, it's been a bit crazy around with SNOW! The snowpocolypse arrived or should I say snowmageddon or maybe the Blizzard of Oz since we're in Kansas. Ok. I'll stop now. 

Anyways, I have missed 4 days of work during the past two weeks due to these darn snowstorms and power was off and on a lot so I mostly kept the computer unplugged. 

Which leads me to why I'm just now posting the...

Top Ten Tuesday Friday List entitled Things I Love *ahem* about SNOW:)

  1. Snow days - I had never had any snow days as a real live adult until these past two weeks when I had four!!
  2. Cooking/Baking - I just love to cook and bake any kind of warm food when it's too cold to go outside. It helps to warm the house up also. 
  3. Snuggling under the blankets - Is there anything better than being under nice cozy blankets when it's freezing outside? I'm sure there are better things but I can't think of any right now.
  4. The silence - Have you ever noticed how peacefully quiet it can be when it's snowing? Maybe I notice it because we live in the country and it's pretty quiet all the time. The quiet during the snow though, it makes you feel like you are the only person in the world. 
  5. Soup - Eating nice warm soup (or chili) when it is snowy and cold out can warm you right up. 
  6. Sledding - I may be 26 years old but I still love sledding down the biggest hill I can find. Maybe when my husband gets home Friday he will take me:)
  7. Warm fireplaces - Crackling fire while their is a blizzard outside...awesome. 
  8. Beauty - I love the way the world looks after fresh snow has fallen. It's incredible how everywhere you look you see white. Too bad it can't stay this way for long before mud and sand and other yucky stuff covers up the beauty. 
  9. Scarves and Boots - I have so many bright colorful scarves and warm snuggly boots that are wonderful and help to keep me toasty warm.
  10. The end - I love when the snow has all melted and gone away and you can start to see flowers sprouting up from the ground. Spring will be right around the corner. 

Here's some photos even though I don't have the ones on here from the second round of snow that was even worse than the first!

This was how deep the snow was right outside my garage. Eek.

Gunnar said no way am I going out there.  So did my Honda:)
He changed his mind and decided to show me how he flies. 

The shop/outbuilding my hubby is building was a little bit snowy.  

The view from the back deck.

This photo was after the second snowstorm. My car wasn't going anywhere. 

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