Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Top 10 Tuesday: Guilty Pleasure TV

So I must admit I'm kind of a tv junkie. Okay, kind of might be an understatement. 

I blame my tv watching on the fact that I am fascinated at getting a glimpse of what other people's lives are like. I'm the person who could sit at the airport or on a bench for hours just to watch the people. Is that weird? 

Anyways, turns out there is a lot of "reality" tv on these days so it's pretty easy for me to get sucked in. I know it's called reality tv but I still realize it's not all "real" so no worries there. 

Without further ado I give you my favorite Guilty Pleasure TV shows in no particular order. (please don't judge me:)

1. Dance Moms - Super talented little girls vie for the attention of Miss Abby, the dance teacher, while the mom's argue about who's going behind who's back to earn their child extra attention from Miss Abby. Lots of cat fights and cute dances. What's not to love?

2.  BuckWildBasically the Jersey Shore of small town country people in West Virginia. Potato guns, trucks and muddin'. 

3.  CatfishA series about a guy, Nev, who travels around the U.S. meeting people who are in online relationships with someone they have never met face to face. Nev talks to the person who asks for his help and then does basic internet searches on the other person in the relationship. Many times he discovers that people are not always who they say they are online. Shocker I know.  

4. Teen Mom 2 - This show makes me happy and sad. Some of the mom's are at least decent at parenting their children but there are pretty much terrible at all other relationships. This show doesn't hide how hard it can be to be a teen parent.

5.  Here Comes Honey Boo BooWhat is there to say about this except that you have to watch it to believe it. A family who is very....different:) They like to make their own words such as vajiggle jaggle and sketti and they sneeze more times in an episode than you have fingers on your hands and toes on your feet. It's  like a train wreck that you can't turn your back on.
6.  Toddlers and TiarasThe show where Honey Boo Boo got her start and Mom's across the states parade their little girls in "beauty pageants." This show draws me in because I can't believe that some people are so crazy as to wax their five year olds eyebrows or spray tan their eleven month olds. When watching it's easy to see that the creators of the show also realize how crazy they think it is by creatively editing a kid screaming bloody murder right after they show a mom say how much their child LOVES the pageants. Not! 

7. HoardersNothing like turning on a good episode of Hoarders when you need motivation to clean your house. I've had to dial this show back a little bit in recent years because they kept getting more and more disgusting and my weak stomach couldn't handle it. Watch at your own risk and don't try to eat at the same time:)

8. Keeping up with the Kardashians (plus the Miami spinoff) - I know people love to hate the Kardashians but let's be honest somebody besides me must be watching them. They are pretty darn funny and entertaining I must admit. Maybe they have no talent but who really cares? At least they seem to have a pretty close knit family that likes to spend time together. I come from a large extended family so I can relate to some of the crazy loudness that goes on that others are baffled by. 

9. Several Real Housewives shows (including but not limited to BH, Miami, New Jersey, OC and New York) - This is the show that I'm pretty sure coined the term "catfight." These women are vicious! Many of the episodes are about absolutely nothing except a ridiculous argument that makes you choose sides. It's nice to see the inside of some insanely lavish houses though.

10.  Extreme CouponingSeventy two bottles of mustard for free?! Sign me up! Ha. This show has come under a bit of scrutiny with viewers and avid couponers who have pointed out that many times fraudulent coupons are being used to get these "free" items. I still think you can learn something from the show if you are interested in learning to coupon but remember that just because it's reality tv doesn't mean that everything you see is real. 

Well, there it is...the post of television shame. I promise I watch some other decent shows too but that's for another day:)

Happy Tuesday!!

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