Thursday, March 21, 2013

Outsmarted by my Puppy

It's official. My puppy has outsmarted me. 

Look how freakin' cute he was!!

Since we live out in the country we let Gunnar run free a lot of the time. 

He pretty much has the best life a puppy could ask for if you ask me. Tons of birds to chase. A pond to splash into when it's hot out. Trees and tall grass to run through and LOTS of sticks to chew on. 

Unfortunately, he is still a puppy and chews destroys things that aren't sticks or bones.

For example:
The neighbors delivered packages. 
The neighbors kids toys - balls of every shape and size for every sport you can imagine.
The nice wooden furniture on our porch.
Shoes - especially boots.
Door handles that have yet to be put on our new building (How could this be enjoyable??)

Exhibit 542 of the destruction.

Lucky for us we have awesome neighbors who have been so nice about our puppy eating their things. They have been more than patient as they wait for new deliveries arrive of items I have had to re-order for them. 

That's the problem though, I'm sick of having to re-buy things because my darn dog keeps eating them! I want him to stop eating things he shouldn't. 

So, in comes the solution, we thought. 

We have a great fenced in area of our yard that is the perfect spot for a puppy. It's got tons of room and shade trees and a big shed that Gunnar can go into to get out of the elements or take a little nap. The only problem was that Gunnar's little ninja self could jump up and then climb over the short part of the fence. I estimate he would wait approximately 30 seconds for my car to be out of sight in the morning and he would be over that fence. 

Sneaky little guy. 

Don't let that face fool ya. He's a smart one!
Anyways, my husband was home a few weekends ago, and I'm sure he was tired of my complaining, so he fixed the fence. He put a couple rows of electric fencing up above where Gunnar would climb out in order to prevent him from escaping 

You know what, it worked like a charm! Day after day I would come home and there would be my sweet puppy, ready to come out to play. 

Well, he's figured me out. In the mornings he would always run up to great me and say hello before I went to work, but he's learned. He knows I'm going to put him in his pen and he doesn't come running anymore. Actually, he runs the opposite direction. 

Quick summary of the week:

Monday - Ran in to the garage to great me and I put him in his pen for the day.
Tuesday - Ran in to see me and got about 2 feet away. Stopped. Ran away as far and fast as possible.
Wednesday - I tricked him and called him to the front door. He thought he was going to be coming inside to hang out with me. Little did he know I was going to put his little butt in his pen.
Thursday - I thought I would try the front door again. Opened it. Called for him. Watched his brown body bounce over the tall grass farther and farther away until I couldn't see him anymore. Dang it.

We will just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings. 

Good thing he's cute!

Seriously, how cute was he? I want another puppy. (What ya think Seth?)
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