Friday, March 22, 2013

March Madness!

I've decided employers should just give all employees the month of March off. Good idea, right?

Think about it though. How many employees take off a week or so during March to go on Spring Break with their kids? I'm going to guess a lot. I'm sure it's probably not even half but I bet it's still quite a few people who are out of the office. 

Then you have to consider March Madness. How much work time is wasted (if you consider this wasting;) while employees watch the games at work or spend countless hours checking and comparing their brackets, pulling up scores or at the very least talking about the games constantly? A LOT. 

Heck, yesterday afternoon, I was watching Davidson beat Marquette in the last few seconds of the game (March Madness, indeed) with my boss on his computer!

I even wasted 3 minutes earlier today sorting my m&m's into two groups. 
Group 1 consisted of reds and blues. (Jayhawks)
Group 2 consisted of all of the other colors. (All the other teams)

I ate Group 2 (all the other teams) first and saved my reds and blues (Jayhawks) until the very end. As it should be. 

Are you following the madness??

Rock Chalk Jayhawks!

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