Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Poor-Me's are here for a visit

September said goodbye in a blazing sunset of glory last night. 

And here we are again in sweet October. I seriously love this month. Everything about it. Okay, everything except knowing it's the last month until it gets freezing, in good ole Kansas. 

October is the month we got married and when we will celebrate our 2nd anniversary on the 15th. Yay!

And that's about as positive as it's going to get today. So if you don't want to read on about Debbie Downer and Sour Sally you should probably just skip on outta here. 

I've got lots of good post ideas in mind for October but nothing ready to share at the moment (and Negative Nancy is visiting) so here's a quick rundown of life right now. 

I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed with a bunch of random "life" things and may have had a slight emotional breakdown last night which has left me with puffy eyes and a headache this morning. I look beautiful. Not. 

I have poison ivy/oak on no less than 5 different locations on my body and want to scratch at them all, but am doing my best not to be the itchy girl at work. Disgusting.

My to-do list is forever long and by the time I leave work I have enough motivation to get approximately zero things accomplished. I'm sure I'm the only one that this ever happens to. 

Seth just had to leave to go back to Texas for a couple days (after last nights meltdown I'm sure he doesn't mind). 

Can I just win the damn lottery? I could solve a lot of mine, as well as a lot of other people's, problems if that could just happen. I hate wasting money on those stupid tickets.

Okay, as you can tell I have a serious case of the "poor me's" today so I will shut my trap and try to focus on the good in life which I know I am blessed with a lot of (which just makes me feel worse for being such a little whiny brat). 

If that doesn't work I think I'll get a chocolate chip cookie at lunch. That should turn this day around. 

The sun'll come out tomorrow...bet-cher bottom dollar that tomorrow....there'll be sun! 
(somebody punch me)

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