Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Monday

Monday Monday. I. Am. Tired. 

I swear, we tried to fit every possible thing into this weekend and now I'm exhausted and in need of some caffeine to get me through this day. Sadly, I don't drink coffee and I'm not going to let myself drink a Pepsi, so I'm sorta screwed. 

Since so much happened this weekend I'm gonna do a little recap but you can expect several posts to come that will give many more entertaining/exciting details. I promise, you will want to read them.


We lost our dog. Not just a little lost either. More like we drove around looking in ditches because we were afraid that's where he probably was. Not fun:(


Maple Leaf Festival. Food. Crafts. All the fun you can imagine at a festival that celebrates tree leaves. 

That cute kid is our nephew, Ryder. He just turned 4.  
It was a little chilly during the parade. Seth and his little sister, Destiny. 

Luckily it warmed up and the kids rode the rides. 

We managed a decent photo in between all the beautiful faces Seth loves to make. 

I had a photo shoot for a high school senior in the evening. The family had a German Short Hair (same as my dog) and the kid whose photo I was taking was named Gunnar. Coincidence? Ironic? Stay tuned to future posts to figure out what happened Friday and if the photo session turned me into a crying baby.

Date night. It was supposed to be an anniversary dinner but we decided since it was already kinda late that we would wait until next weekend. So we ate Fuzzy's Taco (SO GOOD) and Seth told me during dinner that he should start a blog. It was such a brilliant idea I decided he deserves his own post. Wait for it. 


Moving day for my parents. We spent the whole day helping them pack up, load up, and move their treasures (and junk) from their rental duplex to their new home a few blocks away. Let's just say they had a little more stuff than what I thought. It's all moved over though and is now mostly cluttering up their garage. 
Seth and I  made it home around 7 and we spent the next hour painting the floor of the shop. It's done (finally) so he can finish building shelves and we can put stuff away. 

And That is why I'm a little sleepy. Maybe I can squeeze in a nap after work tonight....

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  1. I am not fond of all these stay tuned teasers....also - yay for not indulging in a Pepsi!!! :) I hope you find your dog soon! :(


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