Thursday, October 24, 2013

When your husband decides he's a blogger

As I mentioned briefly on Monday, Seth suggested he should write a blog while we were out to dinner on Saturday night. 

Before telling you his blogging angle, I will give you a bit of background. We were eating at Fuzzy's Tacos (for anyone in the Lawrence, KS area, go here!) and sharing an order of nachos. I also ordered one taco and Seth ordered two tacos. Not unreasonable, I don't think. 

And action!

Seth: (in a serious tone) I think I should write a blog.
Julie: (completely surprised tone) Really?! What would your blog be about?
S: (while J is diving for another nacho) I'm gonna write a blog about how eating with you is a competition.
J: (looks up from nacho) What?
S: I am a man.
J: Just cause you're the man doesn't mean I can't eat as much as you? I like to eat. 
S: I feel like eating with you is a competition, whenever we share. If I don't hurry I won't get enough food. 
J: (blank stare)
S: I bet you're gonna blog about this now? 
J: Yep.
S: I'm the reason you have a blog.

Three minutes later

J: You can have the last chip.
S: No, it's ALLLL yours.
J: Seriously, I can't eat anymore.
S: Just cause you didn't eat the last bite doesn't mean you didn't eat a shit ton.
J: (blank stare)

One minute later

S: You don't even act like you're full.
J: (blank stare)
S: I suppose you want ice cream now?
J: (blank stare)
J: I'm writing this stuff down before I forget. I need to blog about it later. 
J: Oh, and I guess I'll take a photo of the "after" nachos. 


and Dunner
Guess I'll just finish my drink since my wife ate all the food. 
And, like I said before, I have a disease

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  1. Hahaha! This was really funny! I love it. And I want to read Seth's blog.

  2. hahaha!! When my husband and I are sharing, it's totally a competition! I have a lot of siblings, and I blame my competitive eating on them because it's really true, if you don't eat fast, you don't get enough! My husband always teases me!


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