Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lost Puppy

I promised a post about my puppy yesterday so that's what you're gonna get. (and it's long)

Friday started off like every other day. I had to work. Seth was off work and at home most of the day. After surviving the work week I hurried home to see what was for dinner. Obviously I would have a delicious meal waiting for me since I worked all day while Seth was at home. Not. 

Anyway, I digress. 

While pulling in the driveway I looked for Gunnar to come bounding towards me as fast as doggedly possible (like always) but he never came. I figured, oh, he must be off playing since Seth was home all day he wasn't waiting for us to pull in the drive. I started some dinner and kept waiting for him to come up to the house looking for food. He never came. Seth said he hadn't seen him since he left to get his haircut around eleven that morning which is weird. Gunnar ALWAYS comes running when we pull in the drive. While I continued cooking, trying not to freak out, Seth decided to go drive down the roads around our house calling for him. 

Since we live in the country, our dog pretty much runs around the fields all around our house. He's a free spirit. He could also be anywhere

Seth got back to the house and reported that he hadn't seen him or heard him. He also hadn't seen him laying in a ditch which was a good thing. I figured he must be out hanging with his dog buddies, One-eye and Hound I like to call them, and would come back in a little bit because he would want some food. 

We settled in to watch a movie and kept jumping up to go look outside and call for him. Nothing. Half way through the movie we went to drive around again, looking in ditches and calling for him. (Keep in mind, it was rainy and cold and in general really nasty out). Still no Gunnar. We came back home, not sure what else to do so we let the rest of the movie play while we kept waiting. And waiting. And waiting. 

Once the movie was over Seth decided he wanted to take the four wheeler out to look on the back of our property (we have 10 acres and it's in the shape of a rectangle). We wondered if maybe Gunnar got stuck in a fence or something. I went with him so I could look around the sides of us while Seth tried not to drive into any trees. At this time it's 10:45 and the rain has at least stopped but it's cold and gross. 

I hopped on the back of the four wheeler while Seth drove us around. Every few minutes we would turn the motor off so we could call Gunnar's name and then listen for him. After about 3 times of doing this we heard whimpering! Apparently Gunnar doesn't believe in barking at anything but birds and bugs because a bark would have helped us out a WHOLE lot sooner but whateves. We jumped off the four wheeler and took off through the woods behind our neighbor (4 doors downs) house. Gunnar was locked in their detached garage workshop. 

Seth scrambled up the porch to ring the doorbell of our poor sleeping neighbors (it was after 11) while I stood at the bottom of the steps. He told me I should probably come stand by him so he doesn't get shot when the people come to the door. Oh yeah, we have never met these neighbors. When they opened the door we blurted out "our dog's in your garage". The half sleeping lady looked at us like we were crazy (which I'm sure we looked in layers of clothes and woodsy tangled hair) and said "who are you?" Seth explained the situation and she said, "oh, you're Gunnar's parents?!" Yes! 

The lady and her husband came outside to unlock their garage to let Gunnar out who was SO excited to see us. She explained that her Dad had been working on something in the garage earlier and Gunnar likes to hang out with him so he must have gotten locked in by accident. Thank goodness we found him and he was safe though.

We scrambled back to the four wheeler and then drove home with Gunnar right beside us. Sweet puppy got a leftover steak for dinner.

Needless to say my photo session the next day didn't result in any tears since we found Gunnar. I'm pretty sure it would have if he'd still been missing.  

Gunnar photos below. Enjoy:)

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  1. OH my goodness, good thing that you found him!! i totally thought you guys lost him for good- what luck that he was your neighbor's. And he's such a cutie- I can't even with the puppy photos :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  2. The suspense just about killed me before the end! I am happy it all turned out well!


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