Thursday, May 9, 2013

Texas and My Husband

Tomorrow I'm hittin' the open road and heading down to Texas to visit my husband. Needless to say I'm pretty excited. I have only been to Texas once and it was in February of last year not too long after they had started the job he is currently on.

Seth is a Superintendent for a construction company that's located here in Kansas and he's been working out of town the past 4 and a half years. Not fun. This is his third project, building waste water treatment plants, with the company and each one of them has kept him out of town. Twice now he has been over seven hours away meaning he only gets to come home every other weekend. Again, not fun.

After being married and "living" together for a year and a half I still have no idea what it's like to live with him full time. I always like to joke that we are easing into living together when people comment how much it must suck to be so far away from each other. And yes, it isn't fun to try and fit our relationship into phone calls and crammed weekend visits but we're making it work. The truth is, I think it has probably helped our relationship (not that it was bad) because we are forced to talk to each and actually communicate since that's the only option we have. Plus, we know it's only temporary.

By temporary, I mean, once he has finished up the job he is currently on he will get to move home! We are thinking it should be in the next month or two when he is finished and I can't wait. Neither can he. After this job is done he will be moving up to Project Manager and be responsible for several projects,  but he will get to work from the office that is about 40 minutes from our home. He may still have to travel maybe a couple days a month but that will be nothing compared to now. 

Anyways, I'm going to visit him tomorrow until Sunday and I'm really looking forward to it. He has sent me pictures of the job he's building, but it looks so different from when I saw it that I can't even tell what anything is. It's always impressive to me that he can just look at the plans and build things. I mean, who knows how to just build a waste water treatment plant? Seth, that's who. 

We are also going to do some fun stuff like visit the Stockyards and go see some bull riding or a rodeo maybe. I even talked him in to taking me to get a pair of cowboy boots:) Oh, and I'll probably eat a lot. I'm really good at that. If any of you have suggestions of fun things to do around Ft. Worth feel free to send them my way! 

You can check out my Instagram (here) if you want to follow my weekend as Texas girl.

Ya'll have a great weekend, ya hear?! (just practicing my accent;)

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  1. So when he's back - you can put his building skills to even better use by having him help you build stuff for your blog! :) I'm going to start buying Will tools for every holiday so he can start doing more for me!

    Have fun in Texas! :)

    1. Yes! We just built a huge 40x60 metal building for all his "hobbies". I will have to blog and post photos of it soon. Plus it's gonna be a kind of party barn which I'm excited for.

      P.S. Just saw you went to Northwest Missouri....I went to Pittburg State. Pretty sure we are football rivals:)

    2. Pitt State....gross!! I never did make it inside Arrowhead for one of those games....


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