Monday, August 12, 2013

Have I put on weight??

I'd say I had a semi-average weekend. What else is new?

After work Friday I stopped by to check out the progress on my parents new house and got suckered into helping carry tile. Ugh, that stuff is heavy. I managed to leave in time to stop at the local farmers market to check out the goods people had on display. Since I can't carry cash with me, or I spend it, I only had a measly dollar in my pocket which I used to splurge on some homemade dog treats for Gunnar. Spoiled much? 

Since I have my very own jungle garden I just went home and picked my own produce. Good thing or I'd be in the poor house. I've got my own tomatoes that cost way less than $2.50 a lb. Is that really the going rate?? If so, I easily picked 25 bucks of tomatoes from my garden Friday night. 

Obviously I sliced those puppies (tomatoes, not real puppies) up and fried some bacon to make myself a lovely bacon tomato sandwich (or 2). Best summer meal ever. I know most people add lettuce to make this a bLt but who are we kidding people? Do you really think that one measly slice of lettuce is making this meal healthy? I assure you it's not. Just replace the lettuce with another slice of bacon and be thankful that you are enjoying those savory bites of fried pork before your heart explodes. 

Summer on a plate my friend.

Then I sorted my coupons and made my shopping list for my price match extravaganza the next day. Maybe watched a little DVR because I'm cool and can do that now.

Saturday I spent an unnecessary amount of time price matching groceries at Wal-Mart. Apparently every effin person in the little ole town of Lawrence, KS (aka Jayhawk territory) was back to school shopping. A living nightmare. Literally. I managed to grab the items on my list and make it out in right under two hours. Not sure if I would consider that a win or a lose. Fortunately Target housed a little more sanity as I swung in to pick up a few un-neccessary (shirts) items.

I ventured back to my parents house in the afternoon to play with a cute baby, my parents watch, when his parents are on call. My mom and I went to church and then I gotta to spend more time playing with the other baby, that my mom nanny's for. The little girl is just precious and she let me hold her so I was pretty excited. Baby fever? Maybe. 

Apparently someone else must think I have baby fever too, or possibly just thinks I've put on a few lbs, cause these dang magazines all showed up to my house last week....

#notpregnant #toomanyblts
Sunday was pretty lackadaisical with another meal of blts while meeting with my church's other youth group leaders. Followed by lots of couch lounging and maybe a nap. I finished off the evening by doing a photoshoot for a high school senior and catching up on my favorite mind numbing (dumbing??) shows.

Oh, and I found $20 in a parking lot so that pretty much makes the whole weekend a win right?
Hell-o Mr. Jackson!

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