Monday, August 5, 2013

Married Life in a Nutshell

I swear yesterday was Monday. 


I'm pretty sure I lead one of the most boring blog lives ever. I mean seriously, lets recap.

I left work a little early Friday and went home to help the husband finish building a tool bench in his shop. Turns out I'm not too terrible with a screw that what it's called? I asked him to take a picture of me, for blog purposes obviously, and a got a look that basically said "you are a weirdo". So, you will just have to take my word with no visual evidence that I can screw screws. (That's what she said.)

Since I didn't whine too much Seth suggested we go out to eat. Obviously, I never say no to eating out (or food in general) so we hit up the fanciest place we could think of... Buffalo Wild Wings. I gorged myself on fried food and boneless wings while watching the Royals game. Then we hit up the Home Depot for more screws. Damn the excitingness of this post is over the top. Buckle your seat belts people this is what married life is all about!

Saturday was a fun filled day of meeting with our tax guy, yay IRS audit! Signing paperwork, mailing paperwork. Drop off at the Salvation Army and consignment store. Groceries, prescription pickup and visit to the bank. Is it possible to fit more un-fun errands in one day?? But wait, there's more! I got to follow that up with cleaning out the garage while Seth built more shelves. Better keep that green-eyed monster in check people. Jealousy is vicious!
Garages look so much cleaner when you carry
everything out of them and set it in the driveway.
It was only 9pm when we decided to grill out since we were both starving. Cheeseburgers, potatoes and onions, and corn on the cob. Not gonna lie, it was pretty darn good. Followed up our food with a trip to Sonic for ice cream. Nevermind that my hair was like a lion and I had dirt smudged all over me. I think we made it about 20 minutes into the movie I rented before we both fell asleep. 

Best Friends ForEvah!

Good thing the photos blurry so you can't see how muddy I am. 
Spoiled puppy with his ice cream.

After church Sunday we headed to the city to hit up Nebraska Furniture Mart to buy a mattress! Wow, it's depressing to think that we are excited about buying a mattress. In my book, mattress shopping ranks right up there with tires and trash bags. BORING. I managed to drive Seth completely crazy when I found bad reviews online about the mattress we picked out. So, we spent an hour and a half driving to another store to check out their mattresses only to return and buy the same one we had previously picked out. Time will tell I guess. 

That exciting adventure was followed up with a nap, another late dinner and the movie we failed to finish the night before. 

And that my friends is what married life is all about! 
Act like our dog child isn't pretty. 

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  1. You had a weekend of getting things done! Nothing wrong with those!
    Also jealous that y'all went to bdubs! I love that place! Their honey bbq boneless wings are the best! What sauce do you get on yours?


    1. Honey bbq is definitely the BEST! And always boneless...I feel like I'm gnawing on a finger when they have bones. Gross.

  2. I have a pretty boring life for a blogger also haha!!

  3. LOL. This is my first time coming to your blog and I absolutely love it. I was giggling through the whole post. I know all about those "Boring" weekends. My fiance could not be more anti social even if we tried so we have a lot of those. BWW is my favorite, I'd choose that over fancy places anyday ;) and heck, at least your weekend was really productive! that has to count for something. xo


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