Friday, August 16, 2013

The Day My Husband Saved A Life

Yesterday I got a text from Seth saying, "The craziest thing just happened to me." Naturally I asked if he won the lottery. He didn't, but he did do something else that I think was pretty darn amazing...

He was stopped at a red light in Bartlesville Oklahoma when the lady in the truck stopped next to him, slammed her gas pedal to the floor and rammed into the car stopped in front of her. She continued to push down the gas pedal and was pushing the car in front of her into the busy intersection.

Seth looked over thinking the lady had a serious case of road rage since she was going all monster truck on the poor guy in front of her. At that point he realized she was convulsing and having a seizure. 

And this is where it gets really good...

My husband put his truck in park, somehow managed to remember to turn on his hazards and jumped out to help the lady. He tried her passenger side door but it was locked so he unlocked his tool box and got out a sledge hammer. Then he broke out her side window fire fighter style and unlocked her door. 

The whole time this is happening her tires are still spinning and smoking on the pavement, continuing to push other vehicle forward. 

From there he jumps in her car, throws the truck in park and turns it off. 

At that point, the man, who was being pushed out into traffic, manages to get his vehicle in park and climb out. Obviously well trained by insurance companies, he clutches his neck while saying, "my neck" and starts whining about his vehicle. Seth ignores him and yells for him to call 911. 

After a few minutes a cop shows up and comes to talk to Seth who is still sitting with the lady in her truck.  The cop and Seth continue to talk to the lady and try to keep her conscious, while they wait for an ambulance to arrive. 

A few minutes later an ambulance arrives and they take the lady to the hospital. The cops had Seth fill out a report and then they all shook his hand telling him what a great job he did. 

I would have to say I'm pretty proud of this fella! He jumped into action to help someone that couldn't help themselves. And, maybe saved several people from getting seriously hurt (or worse) if the cars had ended up in the busy intersection. 

He's pretty much the best:) (by pretty much I mean definitely)

I think this guy deserves a vacation! How about next Friday? :)


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  1. That is awesome!!! Great job, Seth! I don't think I would have known what to do...or had the tools to break in. He must be a quick thinker!

  2. You have a keeper there Julie! Guys like Seth make you proud to be a human being.


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