Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Growing Up Sucks

Some days being a grown up sucks. Big time. I'd really love it if Tink could swing by and sprinkle me with pixie dust so I could fly off off and away to a happy little place called Neverland. You know, the place where you never have to grow up? The place were responsibilities are far far away and your worst day consists of sitting on rocks, soaking up the sun, mermaid style? 

Since I doubt that's going to happen anytime soon lets have a little bitch fest so that we can all feel better that we're not alone. Maybe then we can move on with our shitty grown up lives. 

And so I introduce...

Reason #1 - Buying gas

Remember growing up and your parents would occasionally slip you $20 for gas? I appreciated this a lot back in the day but let's just say I would appreciate it even more now that gas is almost $60 a tank. In a couple more years it will cost more for the gas to get me to work than what I make while I'm there. 

Reason #2 - People at work making you look bad

You know when someone screws something up at work and it makes you look bad? You get pissed and can't even say anything because you know you will sound like a 2 year old pointing fingers saying "he did it!" Yeah, I hate that. 

Reason #3 - All your bills are due within 7 days of each other

How the hell does this happen? It's like all the bad karma in the world got together and decided to purge your bank account every month. So depressing. 

Reason #4 - You have to buy boring things

Sometimes you even get excited about buying boring things. Like a mattress. I promise you I will never get excited about buying tires or toilet paper though.

Reason #5 - Making decisions

This is why people hate change. Change requires decisions and we just don't like to make them. It's back to the ole "why fix what's not broke" scenario. When you make changes you have to make decisions and there's too freakin many! Don't believe me? Ask your husband/boyfriend/significant other what they want for dinner!

Happy Hump Day Sassypants!

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  1. Ugh - I need to buy new tires and toilet paper soon! I'm thinking the toilet paper is taking precedence though. I'm putting off the tires for a while longer...


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