Thursday, August 8, 2013

If You Really Knew Me

You'd know that I occasionally open a can of chocolate frosting just so I can eat it from a spoon. Or a bag of chocolate chips.

You'd know I'm almost always cold. The people I work with laugh at me because I always have on a hoodie. 

You'd know that I make lists constantly. It helps me sleep at night because I know I won't forget anything since it's written down.

You'd know I'm jealous of large families and wish I could have more siblings. Love the two I've got though.

You'd know my husband is the one and only guy I have ever dated or kissed. Sounds a little crazy, I know, but I think I just got lucky.

You'd know I am the laziest person in the world when it comes to taking off chipped nail polish. 3 weeks right now.

You'd know I rarely wear make up. I'm talking maybe a few times a month. 

You'd know I'm super indecisive and always terrified of making the wrong choices. 

You'd know I prefer tennis shoes to any other type of shoe. Ever. 

You'd know I despise waking up early for any reason besides vacations or black friday shopping.

You'd know I have an obsession with pretty paper and design products. Notecards, notebooks, pretty books, gift bags, tags. Anything really. I have stacks and drawers full of it. 

You'd know I wish I was a fitness junkie but love my junk foods too much.

You'd know that I'm the first person emailed at work when somebody brings in food. Surprised? 

You'd know that I have a huge fear of failure and it causes me to never take chances. Trying to work on this though. 

You'd know that while I like to go out, I'm definitely a homebody. 

You'd know I have surprised myself by still posting to this blog several months later!

Do you know me? What else do people need to know about me?

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