Friday, August 9, 2013

7 Quick Takes {12}

1. In 15, count them, 15 days, I will be setting sail on a boat more glorious than the Titanic. Icebergs not included, praise the lord. The amount of fun and sun and food to be had is about to get crazy. Don't be surprised if I return as an unrecognizable tanned whale of a human being.

Before cruise Julie

After cruise Julie

2. Today's my brother Joe's birthday. He's 25, which is a big deal considering almost seven years ago we thought he might not live another hour, much less long enough to see another birthday. Someday I will get around to writing his story but for now you can watch a video about him on youtube. Happy Birthday little brother that doesn't read my blog so he will never see this!

3. In my quest to be a little healthier (who am I kidding? did you see yesterday's post?) I've decided to quit drinking pop. I'm already hating life. Please explain to me how that sugary sweet little can of carbonated heaven can sink it's extra sharp nails into my taste buds and make me want to drown myself in corn syrup. Why is this so hard?!!! 

4. All my dreams have come true! Sophia Grace is going to be in a movie! Why has this taken so long?? If you don't know who Sophia Grace is you should google her and watch every single video she is in 1000 times. NOW. I just want to "honey I shrunk the kids" this girl and put her in my pocket. 
Girl after my heart right there. 

5. Do normal people get excited about going grocery shopping or is it just me? I had to stop into the store last night to pick up some puppy food (how does he eat SO MUCH?!) and I just wanted to buy ALL THE THINGS! All the pretty packaging and salty, sweet, and savory things just calling my name. Sale things anyway. I eat too much to not shop the sales. My store had so many good sales and I just wanted to buy them all and spend zero dollars. I'm convinced I was 500lbs in a previous life (again, see yesterday's post). Lets hope those pounds stay in that life. 

6. I think I'm sick. My DVR arrived on Wednesday and I installed it Wednesday night. Pretty sure the Dish customer service guy wanted to kiss my feet because I was nice to him. I've been there buddy. (Side Note: Don't be mean to CS people. They hate their job more than you hate them.)'s Friday and I have yet to record a show. I did use the pause feature so I guess I'm not a total DVR failure.  

7. To my mom. Since I know you read this, this is your warning. If you ever want to see them again, you should probably hide the new Milky Way bites that you have front row center in your freezer. And that doesn't mean putting them in the garage freezer. I know your hiding place and you need new ones. Also, I have no self control. You're welcome in advance. #fatkid

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Love ya like a fat kid loves cake my little blog readers!

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  1. #7 is so funny! And an amen to #6. My husband repairs phones the stories he shares about the people he meets makes me cringe.


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