Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Canvas Prints Deal - A really good one!

Remember when I told you that I finally ordered some wedding photos here? Well, when I ordered them I got one heck of deal and the deal is back so I thought I would be nice and share.

The deal is through a site called Eversave which is a site similar to Groupon.

Right now you can order...
1 - 16x20 for $30
2 - 16x20s for only $40. That's a freakin awesome deal right there people.  Usually the lowest I see on Groupon is $39 for 1 - 16x20.

You know what else is cool though? When I ordered last time I didn't have to order the 16x20s. Basically, I just got the dollar amount of what the 16x20 normally was and I got to use it on whatever. So I actually ordered a 24x36 (I think??) and a 12x12 and it was only $40!!!! Plus I ordered 2 of the 16x20s as Mothers Day presents for both my mom and Seth's mom. They loved them:)

Only bad news is that today's the last day to order so jump on it! This is my referral link but it may actually get you a discount too...not positive so let me know if you try it and it does.

In case you forgot what they looked like. This is the 24x36.
I promise my walls aren't diaper green also....they're actually brown...

Quality looks terrible in this photo but that's what you get
with low lighting and filters on an iPhone. Real quality is actually great!
As soon as you order you can actually email someone or post it to any social media and they put $2 in your account for a future purchase:) Gotta love those deals!

P.S. I'm a cheapo so I don't order things like this unless it's a good deal and good quality. I just reordered 2 more of the 2-16x20's so I'm gonna have 4 new prints soon! Yippee.

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