Friday, May 31, 2013

7 Quick Takes (4)

1. At 5:30 a.m. this morning my alarm system blared like someone was trying to break into a bank. As I lept from my bed (with a heart attack) I was sure someone was trying to break into my house. I grabbed my phone and started stumbling down the steps turning on all the lights as I went. While tripping over my half asleep self I had a vague thought that I had no way to defend myself if it was a burglar. Apparently I was going to be the girl that runs back upstairs and hides in the shower like in every horror movie you've ever seen. Fortunately, the torrential downpour outside had just happened to splash water all over the flood sensor in my basement, tripping the alarm. Thank goodness, I wasn't going to be murdered and my basement wasn't really flooding. On the unfortunate side, we live in the country surrounded by fields, with field mice (bleh). I guess one of them must have eaten the poison in the basement and he decided to die right in the middle of my carpeted basement tv room. Disgusting! I will save you the dead mouse photo. 

2. With the humidity that has been in the air lately my hair has been a little bit cray cray. All the wispy pieces of hair right around my face like to frizz out into a lions mane that I assure you is beautiful. I really need to remember to snap a photo of this sometime because you probably have to see it to believe it. Anywho...I decided that maybe I should attempt to find some sort of taming product. Tame my taming a lion...get it?! Anyone have any good suggestions? The current hair products I own consist of shampoo and conditioner. The end. That's it. Not even an old can of Aquanet. Do people still use that? So suggestions would be appreciated and my hair is already really thick and heavy so let's avoid the heavy hair products. Mkay? Mkay!
Sorta like this only not red.
3. One of the new daily rituals in my house is pulling ticks of my dog. What has happened to my life?! A year ago I was revolted by the idea of touching a tick on my dog and now I make him sit still every night for 20 minutes so I can pull them off of him because I'm afraid there going to suck all his blood. We use tick meds every month but they still seem to find, and cling to him like Bella to Edward Cullen. I have decided that even though the tick meds say they are waterproof what they really mean is....if your dog steps in a tiny puddle they are waterproof... not... swim across the pond 40bajillion times a day waterproof. 

The things I do for this little puppy...

4. I started watching Downton Abbey a couple weeks ago on Netflix and am now in the middle of Season 2 that I checked out from my local library. Why did nobody insist I watch this show earlier? It's ridiculously addictive with all sorts of drama and scandal that seems even more dramatic and scandalous since it takes place in the early 1900s. I totally love this show and am insisting that you watch it. Plus everyone has lovely accents and they say things like jumpah (jumper). Watch it now.  


5. I talked to Seth about having a garage sale this weekend and he suggested I go garage sale shopping instead. Who am I to argue with a husband who wants me to shop? I will have to be sure to drag my butt out of bed early Saturday morning so I don't miss all the good bargains. 

6. It boggles my mind how many people feel like it's okay to ask you when you are going to have kids. Close family and friends, sure I'm fine with them asking, but all the people you sorta know, talk to at work because you have to? NO. Don't ask. It's none of your business. Usually, I'm just a smart ass and tell them we'll have kids when they want to pay my husband to move back into the state. I know we dated forever before getting married but we have yet to live under the same roof for more than a couple days at a time. Plus, every time they ask, I always wonder, "what if we had been trying to get pregnant and can't?" It's not true for us (at this point anyway) but I know it's true for lots of other couples. It's gotta be hard for those couples who are wanting nothing more than a baby and people ask constantly when they are going to have one. Take a hint people and quit asking unless you know that the person is fine with it. 

To be completely honest, this question doesn't bother me personally a whole lot, I just feel like it is really rude. Sort of like asking someone how there sex life is. None of your biz-nass!

7. I'm currently obsessed with listening to audiobooks. I feel like I never have time to just sit down and read so I've been listening to books in my car and I seriously love them. Right now I'm listening to Jodi Picoult's, Handle With Care. It's fabulous and I love the readers. The only downfall to audiobooks is that I seriously get angry when people call me while I'm driving now. First world problems I guess. 

Have a stupendous weekend! Not to be confused with a stupid weekend which is probably what you'll have if you were confused;)

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  1. So remember us talking about finding our blogging voices? I love how you're getting more sassy in your posts, like you ending sentence! Haha! The alarm situation must have been scary. I wouldn't even hide in the shower, I'd be the girl under my covers too frozen to move hoping they don't see the outline of my body! But our alarm beeps when we open doors and windows, so every time we crack a window I think someone's walking in our front door. I get a little paranoid.

    1. I always write a new comment instead of replying so your reply is below. sheesh.

  2. Ha thanks girl!! I definitely tend to be on the sarcastic side in real life so I guess that's finally coming out:) And, maybe I will be a little more prepared if my alarm goes off again they freak me out even though I know I will be happy to have it if I ever need it!

  3. Re: #6 - maybe say, we're still in practice sessions."


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