Monday, June 3, 2013


I decided to do a new series I'm calling "Insta-Drop." Haven't googled the name so it's probably not original but oh well. I like it and that's what I'm calling it. Anyways...I'm just going to drop some/all of my Instagram photos from the past week or so on here. 

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This was from #throwbackthursday. That's me on the left, my brother Joe in the middle and my youngest brother Mike on the right. As you can see my mom was fond of overalls. Lucky for me, I love them too. Probably a good thing because 9 out of 10 photos of myself as a child involve a pair of overalls. And don't be too jealous of Mike's hair, it didn't stay like that when he grew up, unfortunately. 

The sky near my house last week as the sun was setting. There were too many trees blocking my view so I jumped in my car and drove half a mile down the road so I could snap this. Country livin' at it's best folks. 

Dinner several days. Brown rice, garlic baked chicken and
steamed broccoli that I threw in a pan to sauté with diced red peppers. Yum. 

My nephew Ryder. The ladies better watch out for his big brown eyes.  Love this kid!

My cute husband catching while his little brother practices his pitching skills. Seth was a pitcher back in his college days and still loves the game. Never-mind his work clothes, no time to change before the game.
The necklace I used to wear in high school. Seth and I started dating in high school and he was #5 on the baseball team. Apparently I used to be a jersey chaser. And cool.

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