Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Texas Saturday

After way too few hours of sleep, Seth decided 7:00 am was a great time to wake up and get our lovely Saturday started in Texas. I beg to differ. I managed to shower in the size of an airplane bathroom and got dressed for adventure. We decided to start our day by heading back to Tesky's to exchange the jeans Seth had bought since the button popped off when he tried them on. I don't sew. I also happened to stumble upon a pair of cute jeans that my husband insisted I buy and who's going to argue with that?

By the time we left Teskey's it was probably around 9:30 and we drove, over an hour, to a neighboring town called Bowie. I made Seth swing through the McDonalds so I could have a potty break and get an iced tea. Of course I got locked in the bathroom stall that apparently only opens from the outside?? Not cool. Luckily a kind lady freed me. From there we headed to a giant swap meet type thing in Bowie and walked around checking out the vendors for a few hours. Some of the stuff was normal garage sale type crap that you wonder about and then they had tons of rabbits and goats if you wanted to buy those. I was determined to take something home with me and when Seth held up a potato ricer to me I thought he was crazy. Until, he told me he thought it could de-seed tomatoes! I thought this was pretty sweet since I love to use my homegrown tomatoes to make salsa and homemade ketchup. 

After making ketchup last summer I told Seth I would never make it again because it was a pain to get the seeds out. Little did I know they make things to take the seeds out. Duh. 
So I spent my Seth's $5 and got myself a de-seeder. Along with a hamburger:)

We left the swap meet to head back to the camper where I managed a 30 minute power nap so I wouldn't be a huge grumpy butt later that night. Once I decided to wake up we got dressed in our finest Texas gear. Okay, it was just jeans, my new shirt and adorable boots. Then we headed down to the Ft. Worth Stockyards.

Going out with our boots on!

We made it to the stockyards at 3:59 just in time to watch them walk all of the huge longhorns down the main road. I'm not going to lie. I was expecting 100 or so but there were only about 5 longhorns. Still kinda cool though. From there we walked around looking in shops which were all pretty touristy. I could tell Seth wasn't feeling it and that he needed a Mt. Dew. STAT! I made it my mission to find him one since I was there to have a good time and I wanted him to have fun too and apparently he needed some Dew to "dew" just that.

Pretty sure these were real cowboys.

Take the bull by the horns.

Hey ya'll!
At this point I was obviously hungry again so we found a cute little outdoor eatery that was in between several buildings called the "Love Shack". They had burgers and nachos and stuff like that so we stopped to relax, have a drink and eat some delish nachos. The music and people watching was great as I wrote our names on a brick wall. Don't worry, everyone was doing it.


Our names are there...written in pen since I don't carry sharpies around in my purse.

More people watching was done as we walked around waiting for the rodeo that started at 8:00. I've been to rodeo's in my past but never one in Texas so I was expecting something pretty cool. We went in early and got great seats. Close enough to get hit by cow patties as I think Seth described a little more colorfully. Then the rodeo started. Bull riders trying there darndest to hang on for that 8 seconds that seems like an eternity. Girls flying round the barrels on their horses while trying not to tip em over. Calf ropers doing there best to throw those cute little baby calves to the ground. It was great.
The Coliseum where the rodeo took place.

Checking out the animals before the rodeo.

Let's get ready to rumble!!!

It's a bit hard to focus on a bucking bull. 

Or horse for that matter. 

The rodeo ended about 10 and we headed over the the worlds largest honky tonk, Billy Bob's, where we got in free with our ticket stubs. There is a small bull riding arena inside BB so we watched a few more brave fellas try to hang on for dear life as the bulls tried to kill them. 
Side note: Seth's Dad was a bull rider back in his younger days. Apparently he was pretty darn good to because he would enter the 16 and under competition and win and then enter the adult competition and win that also. I would love to see some video footage of him riding because I can only imagine at this point. Maybe I will post a picture of him riding a bull sometime. It's pretty neat. Plus I know he lived to tell about it:)
Performing at Billy Bobs that night was, Diamond Rio. They may be oldies but they are still goodies. Haha. Seth kept cracking up at how old they were and how they probably used to jump higher back in the day. I enjoyed the old women down front who were pretty darn excited to see there favorite boy band. I obviously made Seth stay until the end of the concert so we could hear, "I'll start walking your way, you start walking mine..." while we watched the diehards out on the dance floor. At that point I let him drive me home to pass out, from exhaustion of such a busy day as opposed to the two Malibu and pineapple drinks.

Diamond Rio was jammin'

Last photo of the night. Too bad it's fuzzy.

Sunday morning we managed to sleep in a little later before getting up for breakfast at a local diner. I then packed up and headed back home to a full size shower and happily awaiting puppy. Luckily I will get to see me husband again Friday which makes for shorter weeks:)

Ya'll come back now, ya hear!

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