Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Texas Weekend

Well, I got a little bit country-fied this past weekend while visiting the hubs in the Lone-Star state. AKA: Texas. I think I surprised myself when I rolled over and actually got out of bed at 5:15 Friday morning (okay I snoozed my alarm once) to begin my drive. I'm not a morning person. Ever. Okay, once a year on black friday I will haul my butt out of bed to go watch the crazies fight over the $2 dvd but other than that, morning aren't my thing. Back to the real story...I was packed up and pulling out of the driveway at 6 on the dot to begin my 8 hour drive South. I passed the time by listening to audiobooks and realized I could probably be a trucker if they gave me audio books to listen too. And a big gulp. 

After a quick potty break at the truckstop/McDonalds on the turnpike (about an hour and a half into the drive) I decided I had enough grease and caffeine in my system to keep me awake for a few more hours before stopping to fill up with gas. From there I refueled on caffeine and grease and made it the last hour and a half into Texas.

On my way to Seth's camper I spotted his truck at the local gas station so I pulled in to say hello. He had just won $100 on a lottery ticket so I knew we were in for a good weekend. Sadly, he had promised the cashier half if he won since he had the guy pick the numbers. Oh well, $50 paid for my gas to visit so I still consider it a win. 

I followed Seth to his humble abode and home away from home. A camper parked in an RV lot. Sounds pretty glamourous right? I mean, we were basically glamping! Let me clarify that this is not a large camper. It's a pull behind and has no popouts or tall ceilings or anything of the sort. I'm so grateful for the things he deals with (like living in a camper) to help support us. 

Side Note: My husband gets a monthly per diem for working out of town. It's basically to pay for his expenses since he won't be living at home. When Seth started working for the company he knew he was going to be out of town all the time so he decided to buy a camper and live in that. He paid off the camper in the first year and now he just pays a monthly lot rent to park his camper wherever he's staying. This has saved some major bucks over the past 4.5 years since he's not paying a large monthly rent for an apartment. Plus, as soon as he is done doing the out of town thing (hopefully soon!) he can turn around and sell the camper for some extra bucks. He's a smart fella!

Well, after settling in to the camper (aka: carrying my suitcase and pillows inside) we were off to go take a tour of the local waste water treatment plant. Hahaha, I bet this is how most vacations start, right? Well, since my husband is working his butt of to build this darn wwtp I decided I better take a tour. Let's just say I was pretty impressed. Not by the sewage but by how the heck he knows what he's doing. It's crazy how many buildings and structures and this and that there are and he knows how to build it all and how it works. Blows my mind. 

Yep, he built it all...or told people how to build it. 

After the tour we headed back to the camper to change clothes and head out for some boot shopping and dinner. We visited a store called Teskey's that is apparently the place to get boots, clothes, horse supplies etc. Apparently, things close early in Texas because we got there at 5:45 and they were closing at 6. Seth still managed to find a couple pairs of jeans and two new shirts that weren't over the top country. I still hadn't found boots so we drove down the road and found a much smaller store with some way nicer people and that's were I found my boots!

They were all brown with some turquoise stitching on the sides and I loved them! Seth and the sales girl both tried to tell me they wouldn't be comfortable to walk in for long. I argued that I wouldn't be walking in them forever and they were CUTE. Plus they were the comfiest ones I tried on. Obviously I won, so we bought the boots and a new shirt and I wore my boots right out of the store and to dinner. 

Howdy partner!

Dinner was at a steakhouse that I can't quite remember the name of...Mesquite Pit maybe? After a sugary frozen daiquiri we were seated to enjoy a nice greasy appetizer of fried onions and jalepenos. Yum! Followed by a delish bacon wrapped filet mignon that basically melted in my mouth. I managed about 6 bites before I was stuffed and had to get a to-go box. 

We hit up the RedBox on the way back to the camper and rented a movie to watch since we had a big day ahead of us on Saturday. The movie was The Impossible and I will tell you that it was amazing and I cried approximately 4 times. You should rent it. Seth fell asleep and I had to blast the sound so I could hear the movie over his snoring. Oh, and apparently we are 90. 

Check back tomorrow for the conclusion to my trip. It includes rodeos, bull riding and the worlds largest Honky-Tonk!

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  1. I LOVE your boots! I really need to get some new ones. I'm going to a T. Swift concert in August, so I think I'll use that as my excuse to purchase some. :)

    1. Thanks! I think they are even cuter in person:) You should definitely get some!


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