Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Three Day Weekends

Hello Wednesday!

Man, I love a three day weekend and getting to skip right over Monday (the work part of it anyway). I got to hang out with the husband this weekend which is always nice. I wish I could say we had a long relaxing weekend at the lake, or something like that, but we pretty much worked our butts off. 

Since we (I use that term loosely) finished building the shop, aka a 40'x60' "man cave" metal building for my husband and his hobbies (hunting, golfing, woodworking, fourwheeling, lawn mowing, etc.) we needed to run electricity and water down to it from the house. So, we spent all day Saturday and Sunday digging a 400 ft trench from the house down to the shop. Fortunately they make a "trencher" that does the actual digging for you, but it does not dig out around water lines or electric lines or anything like that so all of that was done by hand. Mostly my husbands hands (and back). 

While digging by hand we were never able to find the phone line and we accidentally cut through it with the trencher. We don't have a home phone so we figured no big deal. It was several hours later when I realized the wi-fi on my phone wasn't working and duh! our internet comes through our phone line. Awesome. Since we were so busy we didn't have much need for internet anyway so I just waited until Monday to call and they came out yesterday and hooked it back up. 

After spending Saturday digging, literally from dawn til dark, my husband finally came inside for some dinner and we were both passed out by 10:30. Don't be jealous of how exciting our lives are now. I got a break on Sunday when I got to sleep in before getting up to go to church. On my way home I swung by Home Depot, our home away from home, to pick up some plumbing pieces to be used inside the trench. We spent the rest of the day threading 4 electrical wires through 2" wide pieces of pvc. Only about 400 feet's worth or so. 

Once the electric was threaded down to the shop we got to work glueing the piping together for the water. I'm pretty excited about the water part because Seth also trenched a hole to put piping and a water hook up right next to my garden. This will make it super easy for me to water and rinse off some of the dirt before bringing my veggies inside. I would say we got about half way done with the water pipes before deciding to call it quits around 6pm. Hallelujah!

After showering off all the dirt only to realize some of it wasn't dirt but a nice farmers tan (lovely) it was time for date night! My favorite part of the week:) 

It was getting a little late by the time we got to the city and I was wanting to see a movie so we just went to the theatre and ordered food from the restaurant inside. I scarfed down my bacon cheeseburger like I hadn't eaten in weeks and we settled in to enjoy The Hangover 3. I honestly thought the movie was pretty good. Not as good as the first but better than the second. I'm easily amused. 

On the way home I managed to talk Seth into swinging through Wendy's to try out the new Frosty Waffle Cones...umm...delish. Good thing I usually only drive by Wendy's on my way home from working out or I would probably be eating these all the time. 

I think God decided we needed a day of rest, since we didn't take one Sunday, so we slept in Monday while it was storming out. Seth finally talked me into getting out of bed around 10:30 and I finished up his laundry while making some blueberry pancakes and bacon. Mmmmm bacon! By 1:30 he was packed up and back on the road to Texas, for work:( I sure do hate when he has to leave. 

Monday afternoon my mom and I went to the mall to check out the sales and I managed to only buy myself a cute new dress and shirt. Plus a handful of shirts for Seth. 

All in all a good weekend with lots, but not nearly enough, accomplished. Anybody else think every weekend should be a three day weekend? 

If I get a chance I will try and take some photos of our lovely trenched yard to post. Beautiful, I tell ya!

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  1. Wow, this makes me tired just reading it! He's lucky you'll go out and help him, because I would probably just make myself comfy on the couch while all that went on!

    I need to make Will take me to see The Hangover 3 this weekend. We've seen the other two, so we might as well go to this one too!


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