Friday, June 28, 2013

Flooding Basements

I was exhausted yesterday. I blame my allergies, the heat, a tough workout and lack of sleep. Since I was falling asleep in the shower I decided to go to bed early. 10pm actually. Usually I don't get to bed until closer to 11:30 so 10 is amazing. I was all snuggled up and was in a dreamland by 10:15. For the second time in a month I was jolted from bed to the sound of my security system going off. I tripped down the stairs knowing already that the torrential downpour outside was the source of my problem. 

My sump pump was overflowing into my basement. 

With all the rain it couldn't keep up and now it was slowly spilling over. Between the incessantly annoying beeps of the pump, and the water sloshing in, I called my husband (two states away) to say, "what do I do?" 

Our basement is finished except for the little back room that houses the sump pump, water heater and furnace. And like all other basement rooms that house those things, it's creepy. Spider webs, open ceiling beams, and lots of dust. Not to mention the fear that I will see a mouse which causes me sheer terror. I obviously couldn't let the water continue to flood into the finished part of the basement so I did what my husband suggested. Hating it the whole time. 

I climbed the stairs out of my basement and headed out to the garage to grab the little pump that my husband so conveniently happened to have. Seriously, lifesaver. Traipsed out into the rain to unhook the muddy hose from the side of the house and drag both it and the pump down into the basement. I hooked the hose up to the pump and dropped it into the sump pump hole. I stuck the other end of the hose out the window. Then I had to drag my happy ass back outside into the downpour to pull the end of the hose away from the house and re-hook up a pipe that my loving puppy so thoughtfully knocked down which created extra water into the basement. Keep in mind that this whole time I'm in a pajama shirt, boots and mud smeared across my arms from the stupid hose. I'm sure if the neighbors had looked outside they would have called the cops on the creeper stealing things from my basement. 

Fortunately the rain started to subside and the sump pump was able to keep up on it's own so I could finally go back to bed. Furious and fuming that my precious sleep had been interrupted.

I'm so over being the man of the house.

Dear Husband, Please finish up your out of town job so you can come home! 

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  1. Aw that sucks! This is one instance where renting an apartment is nice. No maintenance for me! At least you got a little extra sleep by going to bed earlier?


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