Thursday, June 6, 2013

I Think... dog was trying to dislocate my shoulder on our walk yesterday.

...allergies are the most ridiculously dumb thing in the world.

...whoever has season 3 of Downton Abbey needs to return it to the library stat. 

...I'm getting a little better at eating healthy.

...there is enough hair (mine) in my vacuum to make a wig. Gross, I know. 

...something died somewhere in, or around, my basement. It smells. 

...only getting to see my husband two weekends a month is getting old.

...traveling is the best way to spend my money. "to do" list will never get done.

...laundry is the best household chore. 

...I'm really in the mood to bake something. 

...I have an obsession with any and all paper products. 

..."I should have been a teacher" every year when summer arrives.

...people that walk super slow are annoying.'s time for breakfast.


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  1. Don't we all want to be a teacher every summer? And have you ever cleaned out the bottom of your vacuum cleaner, around the spinny thing? Mine gets disgusting!

    1. Oh gosh, yes I do! And girl, that is exactly what I'm talking about! That darn roller quite spinning for me the other day because there was so much hair in it. Disgusting. Plus all the hair that made it in the canister...probably could make two wigs. blech.


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