Thursday, September 12, 2013

Something 'bout a truck

Well, it's official. My husband has a new truck. Not just any truck either. A fancy one!

After spending countless (literally) hours of looking online and driving to every dealership within 50 miles and stopping at every dealership, from home to Texas and back, he has finally found one that he loved. And I should think so. 

Bad photo, I realize, but I only see it when it's dark
so those photos would be worse. 
I'm pretty sure there is nothing that this fancy schmancy piece of metal on wheels doesn't have. Including but not limited to a sunroof, mini coolers in the back seat, usb  plugins, sd card plugins, an actual plugin (now I can straighten my hair on the road???), navigation, two glove boxes and five million and one other random things you never knew you HAD TO HAVE in a vehicle. 

With over 230k miles on his old truck it was time for a new one but holy smokes I'm not looking forward to paying for that darn thing. 

Update: As I write this post for tomorrow (Wednesday) we have owned the truck for less than 24 hours. I just received this text from Seth. 
not a joke btw

Fortunately it was a flat tire due to his job, so his work will pay for it. But, seriously? Let's recap some of Seth's past vehicles and their adventures.

The red Saturn he drove in high school - the driver seat would constantly recline if you leaned back at all. The door leaked and you would get rained on whether you were inside or outside the car. Hit a deer. 

The silver Saturn he bought brand spankin' new in college. If I remember correctly he owned it for approximately 7 days before he was in a multi-car accident and the whole front end was crushed. 

The silver Ford he bought after the saturn. Something really huge and expensive broke not long after buying it. (don't remember what it's called....)

The white Ford F150 that has been his truck for the past couple years. 3 new windshields and multiple other issues that are probably actually pretty minor considering the 230k miles. 

Now, let's knock on wood, and go over my driving record. 

1990 Honda Accord I drove from high school, all through college until September of last year. It was old, ugly, paid for and I loved it. It may have killed a bunny every now and then but other than that it was a champ.

I now drive a 2009 Honda Accord and so far so good:)

The End.

Maybe I should have got the brand new vehicle, huh?!

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  1. Maybe you should drive separately everywhere you go for safety reasons....

  2. Car shopping is a real challenge for some. It can be a bit overwhelming. But once you see the right car from a good dealership, your emotions will be filled with excitement. And for your husband, it really was exciting. This truck looks great; I just hope this truck will serve as his good luck charm considering he had bad experiences with his previous cars.

    Horace Norman @


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