Monday, September 23, 2013

Ballgames and Lumberjacks and Groceries, OH MY!

I need another weekend to rest up and relax from the weekend. Luckily, it was a good one and we got a lot of stuff done that needed to be done. 

On Friday I had a terrible day at work so I was excited to be able to sneak out a little early to meet some of our friends at the Royals game. First winning game I have been to in a long time and it was tons of fun. Plus it was buck night so I got to eat my fill of ballpark hot dogs. I swear they taste extra delish at the ballpark. 

I would estimate 9 out of 10 photos of "us" look like the photo on the left.
Seth loves photos!
(check out the photobombers)
After staying up late Friday we both slept in until after 10:00. I feel like that never happens anymore but it was amazing. Once we got up we headed into town for an early lunch and to get fuel for the lawn mower. Seth ended up mowing the lawn while I put down shelf liner and cleaned out or pantry cabinets in the kitchen. Glamorous, I know. Turns out we have a lot of food and I'm beginning to wonder if maybe I'm a food hoarder as well as paper hoarder...

Yikes! That's only two cabinets...
Since I had so much I was able to pull out a big bag of groceries to drop off at the church for the local food pantry. I hope someone (besides my shelves) gets to enjoy it that way. 

Once I ran out shelf liner and had cleaned out a good portion of cabinets I went outside to help Seth a bit. He had apparently turned into a lumberjack and was busy chopping down dead tree limbs and limbs that were hanging way too low. It's pretty amazing how much better everything looks in the front yard now.

Before - Where are you little house??

After - THERE you are

We finished the night off with some grilled steaks and potatoes and watched the movie Mud which I would highly recommend even though I passed out before it was over. 

Sunday we went to Church as usual and then stopped by to check on the progress on my parents new house. It's looking really good and hopefully they will be able to move in in the next couple of weeks. The rest of our afternoon was filled with me cleaning out the laundry cabinets (after watching the rest of Mud) while Seth dominated a few more trees and limbs in the back yard. We now have a better view of our pond and everything doesn't look so much like a jungle. 

After working another long day Seth helped me make up some fajitas and nachos for dinner. So so yummy and I'm hungry again now just thinking about it. We settled in for a quiet evening and I finally got the chance to watch Zero Dark Thirty. Also a good movie. 

And now we're back to Monday. I hope everyone else had a fantastic and productive weekend!

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  1. I just love the look of your little house! I want a front porch. You should show us a picture of the back sometime! I know we've seen the deck - which I'm also jealous of!


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