Monday, March 3, 2014

I don't eat healthy...

It's Monday and I don't hate it. Despite the white crap falling from the sky for half the weekend I had a pretty fantastic one. Which is maybe why my Monday seems pretty good. 

Nothing like leaving work on Friday and heading straight to the spa for a full body massage to get your weekend started off right. I managed to make it home early enough to head out to dinner at Fuzzy's with Seth and a quick stop into the ice cream shop for some "Rock Chalk Jayhawk" which consists of chocolate, fudge bites and more chocolate all scooped into a melt in your mouth waffle cone. Aka: heaven. After the massage, dinner and ice cream I slipped into a food coma on my couch until Seth woke me up to go to bed. Success. 

Take me back
I had to set my alarm so I wouldn't be late to pick up my mom and head to the movie theatre for an all day movie marathon on Saturday. We started the marathon with popcorn for breakfast as we watched Disneys Frozen, which I loved. It was so cute to see all the dads there with their young daughters. (Somebody please put me on the list for my own kid. K thanks.)

Please excuse our lack of photography skills. (I blame the butter.)
Once Frozen ended we hustled over to the other side of the theatre to catch American Hustle while we ate concession nachos for lunch. Fantastic. Definitely recommend. (Both the movie and the nachos.) 

We finished out the marathon with Non-stop, the new action flick with Liam Neeson. I'd say it was pretty good, but I liked the other two movies better. It kept you guessing the whole movie but seemed a little unrealistic which is okay with me since it's a movie. 

To end our day properly (I feel British when I say that word) we hit up Sam's club for a hot dog and frozen yogurt for dinner before braving the blizzard to head home. 

I now weigh 500 pounds. 

Sunday consisted of Church, followed by breakfast with my Mom and then the rest of the day with my butt planted firmly on the couch. 

I now weigh 600 pounds. 

I managed to pry myself from the couch in time to make dinner. And, since I was feeling a little guilty from my weekend gorge-fest I decided to shred a little zucchini to add to the spaghetti pie I made. That counts for something right? 

See, healthy.
I'm told mozzarella now has 0 calories. 
Plus I only ate one spoonful of Nutella as my dessert during the Oscars. #winning #fatkid #fattuesdaymorelikefatweekend

Winter will you please end before I weigh 1000 lbs? Thanks! 

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