Monday, November 10, 2014

WORLD SERIES 2014 - Royals vs. Giants (Part 1)

Okay, can you all suffer through one more little (or not so little) post about the Kansas City Royals? If not, come back later and I will have moved on to something that may interest you a little more. No promises though.

Well, I had good intentions of this being my last Royals post but doesn't look like it's going to be that way. Sorry, not sorry. Even if you could care less about the Royals (How dare you?!) you might enjoy this post...

Anyway, let's talk World Series! Kansas City Royals vs. San Francisco Giants.

Seth has grown up with baseball in his blood and it has definitely always been my favorite sport,(What girl doesn't love baseball pants?) so we did what every other rational Royals fan did... We bought a 21 game season ticket package for the 2015 season so we were able to buy World Series tickets at face value. Let me tell you, World Series ticket's not at face value are beyond expensive. And because we are super crazy we did all of this before we even knew if the Royals would be in the World Series.

In the interest of full disclosure and because I want to remember later in life what the heck we did with our money I want to remember that these dollars were well spent. I mean, it's been 29 years since the Royals were last in the Post Season and then the World Series, MY WHOLE LIFE! We basically paid $2000 total for 2 tickets to the 21 games next year which includes opening day. We went to opening day this year and it basically cost about $200 total for just that one game (nosebleed section) so I feel like we are already doing pretty good. The $2000 was a deposit that will actually get us good seats (as opposed to nosebleed) for the 2015 season and I'm pretty pumped about knowing we will get to go to so many games.

Once the Royals actually won the Pennant and we knew we were going to the World Series we got the option to buy our Series tickets, so we bought all we could, 2 tickets to each of the 4 possible games ($1320 total). Even though we hated to do it we sold our tickets to Game 1 in order to make back a little money and we knew we would still get to for sure go to Game 2.

I listed the tickets on Stubhub, Craigslist, and also our local Facebook swap page. Let's just say that our post on the FB swap page was beyond out of control ridiculous/hilarious before the admin pulled it off. I was pretty devastated because I didn't get to screenshot any of it which I so wanted to share with all of you!!

Here's a quick summary of what happened...

(I should first mention that at this point all tickets that were sold at face value were gone so if you wanted a ticket you were buying it from someone else and not the actual Royals organization.)

I posted a photo of the tickets (barcodes, price, and all other important info blocked out because I'm not an idiot) and a short post that said something like, "2 tickets to game 1 of the World Series, message for more info." A woman messaged immediately and we gave her a ballpark of what we were hoping to get which was less than Stubhub for seats in the same section, row, blah blah blah. She proceeded to tell us we were crazy and then commented on the public post telling other people that we were essentially bad people because we were asking more than face value and others could get cheaper tickets elsewhere. I commented back saying yes you could get cheaper tickets elsewhere but you would have standing room only or seats that were not nearly as good as ours. A bunch of people jumped in then, some to our defense, some questioning the legality of selling tickets over face value etc. Seth and I were sitting at home on a Saturday night like losers (but not really because we had World Series tickets and these sour Sally's didn't) just enjoying the entertainment. I told people that I talked to a cop (which I actually did) telling them it wasn't illegal to sell over face value in Kansas and proceeded to post this photo...

Someone please tell me where I can find a good one of Taylor Swift!

...oops. I may have also told people that if they could buy tickets for face value somewhere they better buy them and then they better call the pope because they just witnessed a miracle. Sometimes I just crack myself up. By the time I got out of church the next day Seth and I had completely stepped out of the conversation and were just watching it turn from a post about WS tickets into an argument on proper grammar and spelling, "Merica', racism, and the "hooker with the blue eyeshadow" (not me). WHAT?!!! It wasn't long after all of this that the admin deleted our post and asked us to repost it and she threatened everyone else that they would be kicked out of the group if they tried to ruin sales of others. In the end I ended up selling the tickets for $500 a piece to the ticket broker in the mall because I was sick of dealing with it. Considering face value was $165 a piece we felt pretty good about what we did get for them.

Well, that little side story took a little lot longer than expected so I guess I will summarize the actual games in another post. Please don't hate me but you have to admit that selling tickets was rather entertaining, right?!!

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