Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hate Mail: Dear Verizon

We have switched phone carriers from T-Mobile to Verizon and it has been the biggest pain in the ass hassle. My mom and I went into the Verizon store on October 13rd to start the process and order our new phones (3 hours). After going around and around and around with everything we finally got new phones way later (November 15th to be exact) than promised because of Verizon's ridiculousness. 

I have summarized a few, not all, of the main issues below in an email I so eloquently drafted to Shahrukh after he emailed me in regards to the customer satisfaction survey I filled out. Please note that when I say eloquently drafted I really mean typed incredibly fast and angrily while punching my poor keyboard as hard as possible. I had no regard for punctuation, grammar or run on paragraphs because I was blinded by anger and wanted to get my point across, so don't judge.  I have added in the sections in red for your viewing pleasure and because that's what I really wanted to write but I didn't think they would take me seriously.

Verizon - If you would like to contact me, you've got my number ;)

And without further ado:

Hi Shahrukh (the guy that emailed me from Verizon),

I just wanted to let you know that so far I have not been happy with my service at Verizon. It has honestly been nothing but a nightmare (literally, I dream I'm on the phone with them) with one problem after the next. I have spent 10 hours, at least, on the phone with Verizon, including over 3 hours in one day (207 minutes to be exact). I have been bounced from one person to another! I have talked to Wendy, Amber, Franklin, Quint, John, Julian and more and that was in ONE DAY!! I have been in 3 different Verizon stores to go over things with employees there. My orders were cancelled 3 times (get your shit together)!!!!! They shipped me an extra phone and billed it to me! (Oh, and the extra phone was delivered to my husband, at my house, WHILE I was in VERIZON.  Is this real life? Am I being Punked? Where's Ashton?) They still have not adjusted my data plan and now are telling me they can't do it until the extra phone, that was wrongly sent on Verizon's part, returns back to Verizon. (So I get to call again? FML) We switched for reliability and so far we have had multiple dropped calls on the road where we have never before dropped calls with our old provider (granted they got dropped many other locations with them). We have dropped phone calls inside our home. We can not pull up the internet in the parking lot of a local gas station….does that sound like reliability to you???? Heaven forbid I'm stranded on the side of the road! Multiple times when I called Verizon for help I was told a Supervisor would return my call and it was not returned. Is that customer service?? I think not. (Dis-service? Yes)

I'm not happy. If you want to do something to make it right I will listen, but until then I guarantee you that I will not be singing Verizon's praises. Instead, I have been telling friends, family, coworkers and anyone (and I mean anyone) who will listen how dis-satisfied I am with Verizon. I'm an easy to please kinda person so I hope you understand how unhappy I am at this point. (Even though I sound like a raging lunatic at this point because that's where you've pushed me).This is not how customers should be treated and Verizon should be ashamed of themselves!

Unhappy Customer,

(P.S. I will not be thankful for Verizon on Thanksgiving.)

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