Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Royals Win ALDS!

Well, the boys in blue did it again!! The lovely Royals swept the Angels in 3 straight games and won the American League Division Series. In case you missed it from the last post, it has been 29 years since this has happened!

Let's recap shall we?!

Seth and I arrived to the Kauffman stadium parking lot promptly at noon. I'd say we were one of the first 20 cars in the parking lot. Plus we got free parking again because we were so early. Obviously we decided to keep the tradition of parking in the exact same spot as we did at the WildCard game. It was a good spot and my husband is a former baseball player so superstitions are kind of a big deal and we didn't want to be blamed for bad luck.

We unloaded, set up the grill and enjoyed the amazingness that is tailgating.

Sweet jacket (and possibly pants) from 1985. Apparently Seth has one of these puppies somewhere.



Since we had standing room only seats we decided to head in as soon as the stadium opened so that we could at least see the game. I'd say we did pretty well since we ended up in the second row of SRO and the row in front of us had chairs. We watched both teams take some BP (aka: batting practice) and soaked in the sea of blue.


Blame it on the alcohol (not my drink).


The game started off with a quick run from the Angels which we promptly returned with 3 runs, in the first inning. There are so many moments that stand out so I will try to touch on a couple so hopefully I'll always remember.

  • Alex Gordon hit a 3 run double in the first inning.
  • Hosmer and Moustakas' homeruns.
  • Lorenza Cain caught two amazing back to back catches in center field.
  • Billy Butler stole 2nd base. First time he's stolen a base since July 2012.
  • Omar Infante barehanded a ball to get the runner out at 1st and get the 2nd out of the 9th inning.
  • Greg Holland striking out Mike Trout in 3 pitches to win the game.
  • The SRO fans standing out in center field taunting Mike Trout with comments of: Here fishy fishy, hey bass, hey carp, Mike, Hey Mike, over and over and over again.
  • Dyson does a flip in center field after the last out.
  • The crowd goes WILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here fishy fishy (aka: Mike Trout)

That's what speed do! Country Breakfast (aka: Billy Butler, photo not taken by me)

At this point we don't have tickets to the ALCS but I think we are going to celebrate our 3 year anniversary tailgating with the rest of the fans on Wednesday as long as the Royals don't win in 4 games. If they do, I don't mind.

I'll be back tomorrow to add in some photos and tell you some extra awesome news! (at least it's awesome for me...not sure that it will be as awesome for you.)
Victory pile!

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