Thursday, February 7, 2013

Save $50 in 10 Minutes!

Super easy way to save $50!

My husband and I currently use Dish Network for our television watching needs (wants??). Well, I would estimate that I get probably 3 mailings a month from DirectTV trying to convince us to switch our service to them. The last mailing looked pretty intriguing but I didn't want to go through the hassle of trying to switch providers, plus it seems like there is always a catch. You know the saying...If it looks to good to be true....

Well, I decided to do the next best thing. Call Dish Network, my current provider. 

When calling and going through the automated system I selected the option that said I was wanting to cancel my service. I have noticed when you do this they answer right away.  No boring wait times with elevator music. They are also super friendly and happy to help you in any way to keep you from canceling your service. 

(I feel I should add that we have been with Dish for over 2 years so we weren't locked into the 2 year contract anymore. Not sure if this would change the outcome or not.)

When the girl answered the phone I simply told her what a great deal DirectTV was offering me. I also made sure to tell her that I was very happy with my Dish service and wasn't really wanting to change but I was hoping she could help me. 

And help she did!

Within just a few seconds of explaining why I had called she was offering me $5 off my bill for 10 months. Sweet deal!!

$5x10 months = $50 in my pocket!!

PLUS, she threw in 3 months of the premium movie channels for free:) 

(I do have to remember to call and cancel after 3 months but no biggie)

All of this and no renewed 2 year contract. Once my 10 months of reduced prices is over I'm hoping to have another great offer from DirectTV so I can call Dish again!

I'm hoping to try this out with my internet provider next. 

Have you done this yet? Did they lower your rates?

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